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Jeremy here, fellow tour player and sponsor. As a father of two young girls (9 and 6 years old) and in the athletic business (LPS), I’m always looking at the best things to enroll my daughters in.
What I have noticed over the years is that many of the elite athletes that excel fast, all have some sort of gymnastics and/or multi-sport base. 
Out of those elite athletes, the ones smashing records are ones that have a very strong strength and explosive base from proper weightlifting.
Read and watch Izzy Goudros story as an example of excellence, and how it has helped her get into Harvard.
That’s why we have decided to launch kids (ages 8-16) weightlifting classes once a week on Saturday afternoons from 1 - 2pm starting from January 7th, 2023.
I’m enrolling my daughter in it, and my partner Clance is enrolling his kids too.
This program will help kids develop:
  • More balance
  • Athleticism to transfer to multiple sports
  • Mobility and flexibility
  • More explosive speed
  • Higher jumping prowess
  • Confidence and accountability

Most importantly, this foundational work has proven to dramatically decrease the risk of injuries in any sport.
You can check out many of the successes we've had with young athletes here.
This class is $108/month + HST, and we have 3 spots left for the 1-2pm session... register here: https://lpsathletic.com/owl-waiver
Jeremy Choi
CEO & Coach
416 360 0460