Hi :
We hope this email finds you, and those close to you, well. For MANY reasons, I consider myself EXTREMELY fortunate to be a member of The GTA AM Tour Community. One of these reasons is the access we all have to resources that can help each of us play better golf.
I am fortunate to be able to play TaylorMade equipment. I absolutely LOVE each piece in my bag and am grateful for the opportunity to be able to play the top equipment manufacturer in golf. 
I am also grateful that Tour player Mike DiFlorio connected me and The Tour with James Suttie, Chairman and CEO and Dean Larsen, COO and VP of GOLFTEC. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning a TON about the swing through my GOLFEC coach Dan Clark. 

I would also like to acknowledge and thank Michele Liew from Swing Lab Performance and Therapy for doing a GREAT job of keeping my body mobile and injury-free. We have been working together for the past year and she has been instrumental in freeing me up to move more efficiently and without injury. 
For the majority of the 2018, 2019 and 2021 seasons, I have been using the ShotByShot app. It has been extremely helpful in clearly showing me where my strengths and weaknesses are throughout my game. As you can see, from the chart below, I REALLY need to work on my short game… 😊 The amount of granular detail provided by the ShotByShot App helps me to be more efficient with my practice time. Please click this link to view an informational video on the App. Don't forget to take advantage of ShotByShot's 20% off promo for all GTA AM Tour Players.
At the beginning of the 2021 season, I had a 13.1 handicap index. At this time, I have a 9.2 handicap index. I would like to thank each of these Tour Sponsors for their support of The Tour and their contributions to my game. 
If you would like to play better golf, please visit the Tour sponsors pages on how you can improve you game.

Check out TaylorMade's website for their latest products. From clubs to balls, the Team at TaylorMade will help you find the right fit.

Visit GOLFTEC to find a location near you and work with one of their certified coaches.

Contact Peter Sanders from ShotByShot and see how Peter and his team can help determine the strengths and weaknesses of your game.

If you are looking to prevent injury and want learn how to and utilize your body to help you play better, Michele Liew and Swing Lab Performance and Therapy can get you on the right path.

In good health and appreciation,