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Buy some new clubs they said... and you'll start winning tournaments...

Go to the range. Better yet, hit 3 buckets....

Putt in circles until you make them all....

Drive for show, putt for dough....

And I love this one... "it's all between your ears."

All that to not be competing in your best possible shape.  All that time, and money wasted.


If you are like most golfers on The GTA AM Tour, you're thinking, "I signed up so I could improve my game to score better and win, not to waste time complaining about my back pains, leg pains, and lack of distance."

Most golfers feel like an island, all by themselves, with no real support when it comes to being physically prepared for competitive golf.

You're great at what you do... have invested years into honing your skills... yet somehow, along the way, no one ever taught you how to actually train your physical and mental abilities -- especially not for golf.

Let me make this very clear: complicated exercises and golf speed training aids are a complete waste of time... and we at LPS Athletic Centre can prove it.

We've consistently improved club head speed with less effort.  I promise, it doesn't have to be complicated, but it will require small commitments.

It should come as no surprise that the top 50+ golfers on the PGA Tour have fitness regiments.  

In this program we've put together for the GTA AM Tour players and alumni, I'm going to share the exact strategies and science professional athletes are using to generate power, speed, and longevity of their bodies without wasting your time doing yoga, running on a treadmill, or any of that gimmicky stuff you see on TV.

Starting from $350/mo, you can join fellow Tour staff and players (like Mark Young and Gord Koyama) this fall and winter to get an unfair advantage over other Tour competitors.

Learn more here: https://lpsathletic.com/gtaat/

We at LPS are looking forward to working with you to help you achieve your physical fitness and golf goals..! 

Get started by emailing or calling me.

Jeremy Choi
Tour Player (A Flight)
Tour Sponsor
2019 Ranked #2 Net Order of Merits
2019 Ranked #5 Order of Merits
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