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You have worked hard over the off season to get ready for Golf - so how to maintain your gains through the season is important! Especially during a competitive season!

Where do you draw the line between training and sport? 

The ultimate goal of a training program should be to maximize his or her potential as long as they can during the playing season.

With the rotational nature of golf swing, both mobility and strength play very important roles and compliment each other in order to balance out the body and reduce your risk of injuries while being put under the tremendous amount of physical demands and stress.
Off Season to In Season

The biggest difference in the transition is that in some cases, the body are now going from not much physical activity to playing 5-6 rounds of golf in a week. 

As a result when you first transition into season and start playing, walking or even carrying your golf bag when you play can put a lot more physical stress onto your body than anticipated. 

Naturally your body recovers in sleep and with nutrition and hydration - so those are all important! But also, don’t forget active recovery and putting your body through a process to naturally adapt to these demands. 

What Should I do In Season?

So if you have worked and trained over the off season to improve your mobility and strength - here’s what you should do during the season to keep the residual of your gains and reduce the risk of injuries. 
• Continue with a good mobility routine - Incorporate shoulders, trunk & spine, hips and core to maintain the main rotary centres for the swing - You don’t need to be doing it everyday but try to do a regular routine 2-3 times/weekly and incorporate some of the movements as part of your warm up before practice/ playing 

Good warm up routine - Nothing reduces more risk of injury than a good warm up - especially for acute injuries; which the most commonly seen ones are Lower back pain and shoulder injuries. Make sure to give yourself 5-10 minutes at minimum to warm up and also activate the major muscles for your shoulder, core, hip stability and rotation. 

• Strengthening Exercises - You have worked so hard in the off season - you definitely do not want to just lose those gains because you have let it all go during playing season. 

While in season, we want to maintain the strength as much as you can so we will be looking at more moderate intensity and lower volumes to keep the stress on the body so your body learns to adapt to that and maintain itself. 

Doing strengthening work twice weekly during the season is enough to keep the stability but also keep your mobility! 

• Rest & Recovery - Always try to give yourself at least 1-2 days off every 7 days. Overdoing it is not the best option for the body as your body needs time to relax and recover to prevent tissues from getting to the yield point. 

So now that you have some time before this season kicks off, plan out a schedule of your playing time and how to incorporate your mobility & strengthening program 2-3 times/weekly with it! 

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