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We would like to inform the community and send a special congratulations to Eric Stickney for winning the draw prize for the 6-week HP training program with LPS.

Thank you to many of you who have donated to Maya Laylor’s Olympic dreams, and participated in the GTA AM Tour Cedar Brae event.  

If you are looking to get stronger, swing faster, gain more flexibility, and have the durability to play more rounds next year; then we have an online and in-person program for you.
Meet 76 years old Ernie. He played on the GTA AM Tour. Ernie was skeptical of online training, but he was worried about going into a gym, he was seeing his friends at his age all deteriorating and he didn’t want that to be him.

Over the past 8 months, Ernie has been doing online training (via ZOOM) to help improve his golf game and overall longevity. 

When he first started, he had no equipment at home except for a band. We would get creative and makeshift jugs of water, backpack, or cans of food for weights.

As he started seeing results in the first few weeks, he invested in a chin-up bar, and dumbbells, that he fit easily in his home.  

He regularly communicates and is punctual for training and takes it seriously.

Ernie makes no excuses and is accountable. He even called us one day on his way to a funeral saying that he won’t be able to make it but will make it up by doing the work at home on his own. 

He is now reaching new depths with his improved hip, ankle, and shoulder mobility. Ernie started in a state where he was unable to do any bodyweight work. He’s now repping strict bodyweight push-ups and chin-ups for sets.

This past season, he noticed improvements in his golf game, hitting the ball farther, moving better, and injury free. 

Ernie made a choice, prioritized his life and his passion, and it’s paying off in dividends.

We’re so looking forward to the amazing golf and adventures he’s going to get to do at 77+.

I’m happy to hop on a complimentary discovery call to help you build a work-back off-season plan.

Book a time with me here >> https://calendly.com/jeremychoi/call

Jeremy Choi
CEO, LPS Athletic Centre
416 360 0460