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Hi Tour Player, Sponsor and Tour Supporter:


We hope this email finds you well and enjoying LOADS of golf....!


We are VERY excited to share with you The Tour's new website! We have been working extremely hard with the wonderful Team at Tour Sponsor Pixelcarve, to create a website that we hope you enjoy. As Jeremy Choi, Partner and Chief Strategy Officer says.... "... it is our vision and value to build an experience around the content. We want to deliver what's most important to The Tour player, because their experience is what matters most."


Some of the New Features Include:

  • Horizontal scrolling instead of vertical. Please make sure you scroll east/west and not north/south.
  • Completely new user friendly layout of the entire website.
  • New Home Page with pictures and press releases from recent events and current Tour news. Easy access to Event videos and pictures.
  • Players can manage their own personal information Privacy Settings (i.e. if you so choose you can show your email address and phone number to no one, Tour players only or the public).
  • Live event results - at events, results will be displayed using a projector and screen and will show not only the per-player line scores but also the skins that are still active. The same information will be displayed on the website in "real time" so you can follow the progress of friends and family online.
  • Accounting - in the not too distant future, players will have a tab that will display per event charges to their credit cards. However, starting immediately, players will now receive an automatically generated email receipt for all Tour charges.
  • Enhanced display of event results and statistics. You can compare your event scores to the scores of other players in your Flight.
  • Players will automatically be assigned to a specific Flight (immediately prior to the setting of tee times) based on their current Handicap Factor (see Tour Policies and Procedures for details on Flight transfer protocols and processes). Unless a player wishes to play in a better Flight.


New Tour Myrtle Beach Order of Merit Points System

The new website will display points based on a player's exact finish position. In the past, if players were tied, they would each receive the same number of points. As an important feature of the new website, players will receive the points for their exact finish position, which, in the event of a tie, will be determined using Card Matching.


Please contact Scott (scott@gtaamtour.com) with any questions or comments you may have about the new website and its features.


Thank you for your patience with this entire process and we hope you enjoy exploring the new website...!

In good health,


P.S. There is someone who was extremely instrumental in the creation of this website. He spent 6 months of his life working on this and we would like to thank him for doing an AMAZING job...!! 




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