Hi :

We hope this email finds you well! The weather is warming up and we are only 6.5 weeks away from the start of the 2021 Tour season. Can you believe it? We can't wait to kick things off! In the meantime, The Tour is looking to add another member to the Team. Please read below for more details.

GTA AM Tour Team Position - Social Media Manager
The GTA AM Tour is looking for an individual to serve as Social Media Manager.

This role plays a key part in connecting our golf community with the game, our players, their friends and families and the wider golf audience across the GTA and surrounding area.

From April through October, the Social Media Manager will lead content creation and communication across all social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. You will be using a mix of archived, sponsor-supplied, on-course and live content to illustrate our collective love for the game, camaraderie, sportsmanship and the thrill of competitive golf.

Working closely with the Tour’s official photographer and seasonal sports media interns, you will bring energy and enthusiasm to the Tour’s increased effort to share our story with the ever-growing GTA AM Tour Community. You will be responsible for promoting every tournament in the days leading up to, during and following each event, recognizing the host club, sponsors, participants and individual per-Flight winners.

The ideal candidate has:
· Knowledge and appreciation of the game of golf and its traditions
· Experience using social media platforms to reach and engage a consumer audience
· A creative eye and passion for storytelling in words and images
· The ability to coordinate a team of content producers to tell our story before, during and after events
· Basic to intermediate image editing skills
· Their own computer, photography and videography equipment and editing software
To apply, please send a resume, cover letter and portfolio to Mark Young at mark@gtaamtour.com

Do you know anyone (between Etobicoke and Hamilton) who has somewhere SAFE (like a farm or enclosed/fenced-in storage facility) where we can store the Tour trailer and Mazda CX-9 between events for the 2021 season (April until October)? If so, please contact Mark Young at mark@gtaamtour.com

2021 Tour Sponsor Gift Bag
Sponsor gift bags are provided to the first 450 players to register. Bags will be provided to players at their first event.

At this time, the 2021 Tour Sponsor Gift Bag includes the following:
1) A Puma MATTR One Way Polo
5) Switch Mark Ball repair tool from G and G Golf

Please let me (Mark Young) know if you, or anyone you know, would like an opportunity to showcase your products to the registered Tour players (by adding to the 2021 Sponsor Gift bag). Additional products must be provided no later than April 15, 2021. 

We look forward to hosting you ON TOUR in the not-too-distant future..!
In good health,