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We hope this email finds you well and getting out to play some early-season golf..! 😊  
At the 2021 Tour Player Summit, we had a lengthy discussion regarding the Order of Merit Points system that had been in place for the past 10 years. It was decided, unanimously to move to a new points system.  
Driven by Tour player feedback, it was determined that the legacy Order of Merit (OoM) system could benefit from some simplification and select enhancements in order to better meet the intricacies of a season-long flighted competition such as the GTA AM Tour OoM. 

Rather than trying to re-invent the wheel, The Tour will be taking inspiration from points allocation systems proven to work successfully in other amateur sports leagues where competitors are differentiated by degree of difficulty and skill level. 

The Tour is excited to announce the introduction of the next evolution in its Order of Merit Points System, effective for the 2022 Tour season! 
Main Highlights: 
Degree of difficulty now aligned with point allocation 
The Tour maintains separate levels of difficulty between Flights via different course lengths/tee decks. The new OoM system will provide greater points earning potential as you climb in Flights. Note, the base points matrix will not change for 2022 however, points earned at each event will now be boosted by incremental ‘Flight multipliers’ as follows: 
CH Flight –> 4x (400 points for 1st place) 
A Flight –> 3x (300 points for 1st place) 
B Flight –> 2x (200 points for 1st place) 
C Flight –> 1x (100 points for 1st place) 
ONS Flight –> (100 points for 1st place and non-transferable to other Flights)  
The example above is showing only 1st place, but all subsequent places will utilize the same multipliers. 
Simplified points allocation for players moving up/down flights   
To protect the field for players moving to lower index Flights during the season, the Tour’s previous method of points reduction honoured a percentage of player’s points earned. While this method achieved the desired outcome, it was cumbersome to administer and challenging to communicate. Under the new system, players retain all points earned, regardless of if and/or when they move between Flights.  
The Tour performed back testing of various points multiplier scenarios across all Flights and applied them against the entire 2021 season to compare and contrast this new approach against the legacy system. 
As the vast majority of Tour Players stay within their original Flight for the entire season, we expect the new system really to have minimal impact overall. Players will continue to play within and be awarded points against their home Flight as per usual. The only difference now is players moving between Flights will maintain all points earned. 
While we feel this new system will be significantly easier to understand, especially for players moving up and/or back down Flights multiple times, we also expect there to be some questions. Please feel free to reach out at anytime and The Tour will do its best to answer them. 
We VERY MUCH look forward to hosting you ON TOUR in the near future..!! 😊  
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