Hi :

We hope this email finds you well and playing LOADS of GREAT golf. 😊
At this time, there are some spots available for this Thursday's LPS Championship event at Cedar Brae GC.
If you would like to join us, and spots are still available, please log into your Tour account and register for the event. If there is not a spot in your Flight, please contact Patricia (patricia@gtaamtour.com) and Liz (liz@gtaamtour.com) as we may be able to find you a tee time.
As an FYI, and for all future events, you can see if spots are available by looking at the tee times which are located on the Event Info page of each Tournament. Spots tend to open up frequently and randomly.
We hope you are having a WONDERFUL day and we VERY MUCH look forward to hosting you ON TOUR in the near future..! 😊
In good health,