Hi :

We, like each of you, are hopeful the Ontario Government chooses to reinstate golf in the VERY near future. In the meantime, we wanted to let you know that our fingers are crossed and we cannot wait to host you! 

To our new Tour competitors, we would like to welcome you to the GTA AM Tour Community. It is our goal to live by our tagline: “Play like an amateur and get spoiled like a pro.” We are all looking forward to meeting you at your first event and providing each of you an incredible golf experience.
To our returning players…WELCOME BACK…!!! We are excited to once again have you with us on Tour. The entire Tour Team is looking forward to catching up with each of you!
There are a few house-keeping items we would like to address in this email. First and foremost, we would like to share with you The Tour's COVID-19 Safe Operational Plan. We have made a few adjustments to the 2020 version. Please review the attached document and note that The Tour takes great pride in ensuring that these guidelines are met and followed by both the Tour Team and Players in order to keep EVERYONE safe.

Tour Materials
In year’s past, The Tour has printed and provided players with a Notice to Competitors and Pin Sheets. Due to COVID, we will not be providing these documents on-site and at events However, players can find these documents on the Event info pages for each of the events. These documents, along with the Course Guides (courtesy of Tour Players Steve Zimmermann, Mike DiFlorio and Steve Brydson...!) will be uploaded 3-5 days in advance. Example Course Guide

We would like to thank Steve, Mike and Steve for their time and efforts in designing the Course Guides for Tour Players.

Pace of Play
Please click here for the 2021 Pace of Play Policy. Our goal at every tournament is ensure that pace of play is maintained throughout the day. We want to ensure that all Tour players understand these guidelines and follow them accordingly.

Scorecards & Live Scoring with Huawei Phones
The Tour will be creating and distributing scorecards this year. All Tour Players will receive scorecards on the first tee prior to the round. Upon completion of the round, players will, as in 2020, read their line scores at the Scoring area. Players will then insert their scorecards into a box at Scoring.
This year, and on the first tee, The Tour will be handing out a Huawei cellphone to one person in each group to be used for Live Scoring. After the round, The Tour will be sanitizing each phone at the Scoring Area. If you do not wish to use the Tour’s phones, you can use your own phone for Live Scoring.

We know that skins are a huge part of the Tour. Last season, the skins committee was able to make this possible and we will work with them again to make skins happen this season with improved methods. By eliminating this touch point, we feel that we can keep everyone safe. We will revisit the situation as the season progresses and keep you informed if we elect to accept cash payments in the future.

Carts at each host club will vary throughout the season. Some courses have a small fleet of carts and others have more. The Tour's goal is to work with each course to make certain that carts are available throughout the the day. The Tour and the host course will be following Government protocols and guidelines. We ask that you adhere to the rules.

Please be aware that some courses will add a surcharge to golfers who wish to ride in a cart on their own. If you have a medical exemption, you will need to provide this documentation at the course.

We ask that golfers review their tee time emails prior to each event for updated information pertaining to carts and other considerations such as Covid-19 waivers and arrival times.

We are VERY close to the launch of the 2021 GTA AM Tour season. The Tour Team is SUPER excited to soon have the opportunity of hosting you at an upcoming Tournament..!
In good health,
Mark Young