Hi :
SWING LAB is excited to announce that they are doing their first webinar on November 23rd for this off season! 
Ready to work on improving your most important equipment - YOUR BODY this off season for next year?
Want to learn how to move better and be more efficient for your golf swing and prevent injuries/pain?
In this workshop we are going to discuss:
• What is body-swing connection
• The important rotation centres of the body for an efficient swing
• How to properly create rotation and separation for your swing
• Right way of utilizing core and hip loading to generate power
• How to do a self screen at home to identify limitations 
• How to plan your off season
We will be sharing some tips on how to identify any limitations and what to do this off season to improve body movement for your swing!
Please click below to RSVP to reserve your seat at this event. 
Limited Seats are available!
Thanks and see you later! 
Michele Liew