Virtual Net Match
Play Championship
Virtual Net Match Play Championship

MacTier, ON –  On September 7th, the four Semi Finalists from this year’s GTA AM Tour’s Virtual Net Match Play (VNMP) Championship gathered at Oviinbyrd Golf Club. Mother Nature provided some varied conditions with the day starting out gorgeous, some heavy rains interrupted the middle part of the day before allowing the afternoon rounds to be completed under mostly sunny skies.  

Congratulations to Joseph Warren, Scott Lundy, Steve Dranfield and Carl Thompson for earning their way to the VNMP Championship day and the special golf experience day that was planned for them. Tour players fortunate enough to have spent time at Oviinbyrd understand what a special and unique experience it is, while those visiting for the first time are wowed by the exquisite combination of exclusivity, laid back atmosphere and exacting
attention to detail.

After a full day of exciting and competitively charged Match Play golf, Steve Dranfield was the winner of the 2017 VNMP competition.

2nd Place = Carl Thompson
3rd Place = Scott Lundy
4th Place = Joseph Warren

For his win, Steve earns a place on the GTA AM Tour’s VNMP Annual Trophy, a $300 Taylormade/adidas gift card, a winner’s trophy and most importantly bragging rights for the next year. A fully detailed description of the VNMP prizing plan can be found on the VNMP section of the Tour’s website.

The VNMP competition is designed to bring players of varied abilities from the Champ, A, B and C flights together in a fun, fair and competitive match play format.

Already Looking Forward to the 2018 VNMP.

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