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GTC Closes Out Winter, Starts Big for Spring
Completed: Forest Ridge Senior Living Center, Woodland Park (Nov 2015)  
Team of Ric Ruedin; Bill Meihaus; Jamison Martin; Dirk Samuelson; Flint Swindle
Architect: Architectural Nexus
Completed: Woodland Park Maintenance Building, Woodland Park (Dec 2015)  
Team of Ric Ruedin; Chris Aho; Flint Swindle; Greg Bell
Architect: CRP Architects PC
Completed: Aims Public Safety Institute, Windsor (Dec 2015)  

GTC Team of Todd Schroeder; Nicole Buscher; Joe Turecek; Jamison Martin; Jeremy Clift; Kevin Brown; Tony Plute; Jay Scheiner

Architect: AndersonMasonDale Architects

Completed: Fresca Foods 1775 Cherry - Tenant Remodel, Louisville (Jan 2016)  
Team of Todd Schroeder; Lance Swanson; Ross Robinson;  Martin; Taylor Hutton
Architect: PEH Architects
Completed: First Citizen's Bank - Meridian, Englewood (Feb 2016)  
Team of Joe Vasbinder; Hugh Sigler; Carolynn Logan; Kevin Loson; Dirk Samuelson
Architect: Davis Partnership Architects
GTC has a slew of projects we're working on, that will be completed in 2016, including:
1st Bank Broomfield Interior Remodel, Broomfield
Team of Andy Fiamengo; Flint Swindle; Greg Bell; Jeremy Clift
Estimated completion: Feb 2016 
Architect: 220 Designs, Inc.
1st Bank Garden of the Gods Canopy Addition,  Colorado Springs
Team of Joe Vasbinder; Chris Aho; David Tyrol; Greg Bell
Estimated completion: Mar 2016
Architect: Kenney Architects
Douglas County - Parker Yard (Gailen D. Buck Service Center) Phase I, Parker
Team of Joe Vasbinder; Glenn Mason; Carolynn Logan; Dirk Samuelson; David Yehl
Estimated completion: Mar 2016
Architect: D2C Architects, Inc.
BC Services Call Center,  Longmont
Team of Brian R. Laartz; Jim Casey; Jerry Less;  Paul Jonez; Taylor Hutton
Estimated completion: Mar 2016
Architect: Intergroup Architects
party city logo
Party City Shell Modifications and TI at Superior Marketplace,  SuperiorTeam of Andy Fiamengo; David Fiedler; Tony Plute; Sean Hawley
Estimated completion: Mar 2016
Architect: G3 Architecture, Inc.
Orchard Town Center Marshalls JA Shell Marshalls / Maurices,  Westminster
Team of Jeff Dingwall; Paul Leeper; Marty Bintner; Greg Bell; Reed Nelson; Justin Parker
Estimated completion: Mar 2016
Architect: SEM an Architectural Division of Farnsworth Group
Fort Collins Readiness Center Renovation & Site Impr M13056,  Fort Collins
Team of Todd Schroeder; Terry Schroeder; Kevin Olson;  Paul Jonez; Reed Nelson
Estimated completion: Apr 2016
Architect: RB+B Architects, Inc.
Stages Cycling Tenant Finish, Boulder
Team of Andy Fiamengo, Paul Jonez, Kevin Loson
Estimated completion: Feb 2016
Architect: RVP Architecture, P.C.
Centerra Industrial Building #1 Phase I,  Loveland
Team of Brian R. Laartz; Terry Schroeder; David Peel; Greg Bell; Jamison Martin; Jim Casey; Gerald Vecco
Estimated completion: Apr 2016
Architect: Ware Malcomb
Greeley Public Safety Training Facility,  Greeley
Team of Brian R. Laartz; Matt Gunlikson; Paul Jonez; Isaac Gerken
Estimated completion: May 2016
Architect: Elliott, Leboeuf & Associates
McCaslin marketplace
McCaslin Marketplace,  Louisville
Team of Andy Fiamengo; Don Pew; Paul Jonez; Taylor Hutton
Estimated completion: May 2016
Architect: PEH Architects
Candelas Swim & Fitness
Candelas Swim and Fitness Club at Parkview,  Arvada
Team of Jeff Nading; Joe Vasbinder; Joel Posada;  Jamison Martin; Paul Jonez; Scott Brothers
Estimated completion: Jul 2016
Architect: OZ Architecture
6035 Longbow
6035 Longbow Core & Shell Building,  Boulder
Team of Jeff Dingwall; Lance Swanson; Randy Morrison; Greg Bell; Jeremy Clift; Rob Gosch
Estimated completion: Jul 2016
Architect: Railton McEvoy Architects
BCH Operating Rooms 1-8,  Boulder
Team of Jeff Nading; Paul Leeper; Jamison Martin; Jarrod Kiefat
Estimated completion: Jul 2016
Architect: Boulder Associates, Inc.
DPS Sandoval Northfield commons
DPS - Paul Sandoval Campus Commons Building, Denver
Team of Jeff Dingwall; Lance Swanson; David Prokop; Greg Bell; Carolynn Logan; Jamison Martin; Isaac Gerken
Estimated completion: Aug 2016
Architect: LOA Architecture
Here are some more jobs GTC will break ground on in 2016:
    • Aims Community College - Greeley campus (Additions/renovations/new construction)
    • City of Lafayette - Lamont Does Aquatic Center (renovations to turn a pool into a water park)
    • City of Littleton - New Fire Station No. 19
    • First Phoenix Group - Stoney River Assisted Living facility
    • Boulder Valley School District - 2 projects: Pioneer Elementary & Summit Charter MS
    • Ben Franklin Academy - Addition
    • Broomfield Bay Aquatic Center - Addition/renovation
    • City of Greeley Fire Station

    Working on Customer Service: Part 2

    Welcome to the continuation of GTC’s series on Customer Service. In this series we review different points that are critical to making clients happy in an A/E/C environment. Today’s reminder will cover Quality, Professional, Constructive Relationships, and a Positive Company Culture.

    Company Values that Guide GTC   Based on company meetings held in 2013, GTC identified six main values that would serve to guide us through the planning process.  Those six values are:

    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Pride in Performance
    • Quality
    • Positive Constructive Relationships
    • Positive Company Culture
    • Financial Return  

    The following are some of the bullet points that were identified by employees during those meetings:


    • Quick response to questions
    • Be the Owner’s expert
    • Define / understand Owner’s expectations  then exceed them
    • Keep the subs interested in the project
    • Little sugar goes a long way
    • Super does not allow subs to take short-cuts
    • Plan ahead
    • Mechanical / Electrical coordination – ahead of time
    • Have expectations of ourselves and our subcontractors
    • Do more than is expected of us
    • Constructability reviews that matter
    • Be solution oriented
    • Supporting the field efforts 

     Professional, Constructive Relationships with: 

    • Owners and Owner’s Representatives
    • Architects and Engineers
    • Subcontractors and Suppliers and their employees
    • Our employees

    Positive Company Culture

    • Value employees
    • Create team atmosphere
    • Positive morale is a priority
    • Attract and retain good employees


    GTC Employee Spotlight:
    Bill Meihaus, Superintendent

    Bill Meihaus (pronounced "MY-house") was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, to an American father and a Puerto Rican mother. (“I’m half-Puerto Rican. Nobody believes it!”) Note: We're not sure if he was being serious. Bill is known for his dry wit. During his days playing college sports, he had the opportunity to travel—a lot. He’s been to over forty U.S. states, plus Canada and Mexico. After all the places he’s been, he says he'd spend his ideal vacation on the shores of Lake Michigan.  

    Bill has been in construction for 34 years—the last nine of those with GTC—but he definitely has a softer side. His favorite movie is Titanic, and right now his favorite singer is Adele. (Again, we're not sure if he's joking.) On one of his most recent jobs—Broomfield Business Center Overlook, a 130 acre site development—his favorite feature was the nesting bald eagles at the edge of the site. Bill made sure that he and his crew stayed the requisite 660 feet away from them during the whole nesting season. Perhaps this was his parental-instinct kicking in, since Bill lists his top two favorite hobbies as his children and grandchildren. (The other two are fishing and golf.) 

    What is your best DIY tip that the average, non-construction person should know? 
    Leave it to a professional, if you can afford it. 

    What’s something on your bucket list?
    To sky dive.

    What is your favorite thing about GTC?
    The way Andy dresses for Christmas.

    Christmas 2015 - ugly sweaters
    Christmas Eve 2015 at GTC's Longmont office. Andy (Vice President Andy Fiamengo) is the one laying down in the front.
    Dennis Richard | Golden Triangle Construction | 303-772-4051 | |