PHOTO: Lister Elementary students participating in Alchemy Skate In School program

As his knee hit the ground, Alex Miles quickly tucked and rolled from forearm to shoulder, immediately popping up to his feet and right back onto his skateboard. "I don't really get that frustrated anymore when I fall," Alex said, " I'm just used to it now."

Alex is one of a few students learning to skateboard on an early Monday morning before school at Lister Elementary as part of Alchemy Skateboarding's Skate In School program.  Taylor Woodruff, Alchemy's Executive Director and Skate In School instructor, says Alex's mindset toward falling and getting up again is exactly what he's trying to help all his students develop, "Failure is not an option, it's a necessity.  It's how you grow.  If you're not falling down, you're not learning, and once we get the youth to understand that with skateboarding, we can translate it to other things in life as well."

PHOTO: Sharon Chambers-Gordon, Founder-Raising Girls 

Sharon Chambers-Gordon was first exposed to the issue of "Period Poverty" through her own daughter's experience.  "She was in Middle School when it happened for the first time, and she didn't have any supplies with her." Luckily the school nurse had a few sanitary napkins, but the nurse told Sharon it wasn't something that the school always kept stocked, "People drop items off from time to time, but it's not something they always have on hand."

As Sharon began to ask more questions and talk with other families and school administrators, she learned that period poverty, the inability to afford feminine hygiene products, affects many young women here in Pierce County.  "When you're making just enough to get by, hygiene items and other products like lotion and body wash are often way down on the list," Sharon explained. "And, Washington is currently one of 37 states with a "pink tax" where feminine care products are taxed like luxury items, so that increases the cost as well."

On May 7, 2019, GTCF is hosting a breakfast with special guest, Dana Brakman Reiser, to learn about Social Enterprise and Impact Investing. 

This session will explore the unique attributes of Social Enterprise and Impact Investing and provide an overview of the legal and social ramifications of each. A panel of impact investors and innovators will discuss their real-world examples as well. 

Professional Advisors will learn how to use these tools to help clients meet their community vision.  Continuing Education Credits are available.

PHOTO: Michelle Johnson, Chancellor - Pierce College, GTCF Agency Fundholder 

At Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, we've seen how much more we can accomplish when we work together. Since 1981, community members have shared their commitment to a thriving Pierce County by partnering with GTCF to bring their vision to life and build a legacy for future generations. In our 2018 yearbook, Pierce County Partners, a few of our partners shared their lessons and insights from working to strengthen Pierce County.

"Pierce College creates quality educational opportunities for a diverse community of learners to thrive in an evolving world." Recently, serving that diverse community has led the college to improve access for non-traditional students, "We can't just open the door and say they have access, now they are successful. We need to say, what are the barriers in their way and how can we remove them?"

Read how Pierce College partners with GTCF to manage funds that help fulfill their mission.

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