PHOTO: Chris Jordan (right) Co-Director of Fab-5 with fellow Census Grant cohort member

Historically, important communities including immigrants, people of color, and young children have been undercounted in the census. GTCF's 2020 Census Community Grants process was designed to elevate, center, and enhance current and new relationships among hard-to-count communities. 

In December 2019, 39 organizations received funding for Census outreach through GTCF, thanks to a grant from the State of Washington Office of Financial Management.

These organizations are experts at reaching their networks and so our goal is to support them in doing more of what they already do incredibly well, " said Seth Kirby, GTCF's VP of Community Impact.

PHOTO: "Institute For Philanthropy" by Dale Edwin Murray

Some ideas about charitable giving are rooted in well-meaning, but incorrect assumptions about nonprofits. Other myths are holdovers from outdated approaches to philanthropy. Perhaps the biggest myth, the one you'll see challenged in most every article on giving myths, is the myth of overhead.

PHOTO: Students practice taking 3 deep breaths to help gain focus before transitioning to new activities

At Tacoma's Jennie Reed Elementary, Principal Abby Sloan and Expanded Learning Opportunity Site Director Chad Cray have worked together to align specific practices that happen both during the school day and in the after-school Jaguar Jump program. 

Abby says that this type of alignment between adults who work with students throughout the day is vital for creating the type of secure learning environments that help kids thrive.


PHOTO: Bev Cox, Certified Financial Planner & GTCF Board Member 

In our latest annual book of Pierce County Partners, we share stories and insights from individuals and organizations who are making a difference in Pierce County. In their own words, they speak about the dreams and lessons that fuel their work in the community.

As a Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy, GTCF Board Member, Bev Cox is interested in discovering the story that got her clients where they are. The story they want to live right now and the story they want to leave behind.

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