PHOTO: Gary Lowery, Custodian at Reed Elementary, uses his guitar to help support students and staff

During the end-of-school hustle and bustle on a recent afternoon at Tacoma's Reed Elementary School, a group of students gathered around Gary Lowery. He sat on the steps of a stage in the cafeteria strumming his guitar.

Gary clearly has a special rapport with the students, but he isn't a classroom teacher or an Expanded Learning provider. Gary is the school's afternoon custodian.

PHOTO: Ada Gomez and Adriana Bedoy with Centro Latino and Maia Espinoza with Center for Latino Leadership are doing census outreach in preparation for the 2020 Census. (via KUOW/Amy Radil)

"At risk in Pierce County is a 10 % undercount of people of color, religious minorities, renters, children under the age of five, seniors who may be isolated in their homes. So those are all populations at risk of not getting counted if they don't receive special attention."

GTCF and the Pierce County Auditors Office have partnered to organize the Pierce County Complete Count Committee, a collective of Pierce County organizations that recognize the importance of a complete and accurate census count for the well-being of our community - in 2020 and beyond.

PHOTO: At 34 years old, Boris the polar bear is believed to be the oldest male polar bear in the world (via Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium)

At 34 years old, Boris the polar bear is believed to be the oldest male polar bear in the world. Boris has lived over half of his life at Tacoma's Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, where he found a safe, caring home after being rescued from a tropical circus.

From special vitamins and foods to medical treatment and companionship, Boris' long life is supported by his expert keepers and veterinarians at the zoo. To ensure that superlative treatment is possible for generations of animals to come, animal care for endangered species at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is supported, in part, by endowed funds.

Endowments are charitable funds invested and managed over time, generating earnings that are distributed annually to a donor's chosen organizations or causes.

PHOTO: T'wina Nobles received a Spark Grant to put on an Environmental Justice Camp for young women of color

In our latest annual book of Pierce County Partners, we share stories and insights from individuals and organizations who are making a difference in Pierce County. In their own words, they speak about the dreams and lessons that fuel their work in the community.

Inspired by women who invested in her as a teenager, T'wina Nobles started Ladies First, a school-based learning program dedicated to empowering young women to make healthy decisions while promoting free thinking and cultural awareness in their everyday lives. Through partnership with Citizens for a Healthy Bay, T'wina became interested in creating an Environmental Justice Camp. She applied for a GTCF Spark grant to help bring the vision to reality.

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