PHOTO: Kate Larsen and Chris Harvey, GTCF Fundholders

Chris Harvey and Kate Larsen moved to Tacoma a little over a year ago from King and Snohomish counties. They brought with them a deep commitment to supporting their community.  According to Chris, making a difference has been a goal for a long time, "We both have been charitable, but we just never had this giant ball of money. 

Like a lot of people, we talked about if we won the lottery, we would give so much to charity. Well, by selling two houses at the peak of the market, we hit a lottery compared to the experience of a lot of people out there. Now, we are doing what we said we were going to do if we ever won the lottery."

PHOTO: Students and parents participate in an "Emotion Shopping" activity during a LENS Skill Showcase

Standing at the door to their school gymnasium, Caleb and his classmates giggled playfully in a huddle.  "Remember your audience can see you, so you are on stage now," their director reminded them.  They quickly straightened up and smiled, confidently taking their places to welcome their incoming guests.

Caleb and his fellow door greeters were participants in the LENS Project, an Expanded Learning Opportunity provided by Tacoma Arts Live.  LENS, which stands for Learn Empathy Negotiation & Self, uses creative projects and art-based activities to teach positive social-emotional skills and foster the development of empathy for others.

PHOTO: Staff of local education nonprofit, Degrees of Change

Hiring locally and seeking out individuals who are already deeply connected to the community is a trend that GTCF sees among local organizations. 

"The greatest assets of any community are its people..." - John McLain, Evergreen Tacoma

PHOTO: David Bley and Marie Sauter, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

At Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, we've seen how much more we can accomplish when we work together.  Since 1981, community members have shared their commitment to a thriving Pierce County by partnering with GTCF to bring their vision to life and build a legacy for future generations.  In our 2018 yearbook, Pierce County Partners, a few of our partners shared their lessons and insights from working to strengthen Pierce County. 

"Unless you are trustworthy and have trusting relationships, you can't move anything in the world. And while our money certainly gets people's attention, it is the relationships that matter." - David Bley

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