Birney Elementary student helps his fellow Tacoma Gent straighten his tie

With a stack of pepperoni pizzas sitting on the cafeteria table in front of them, a group of boys from Tacoma's Birney Elementary School waited patiently while two other boys meticulously counted out the number of pieces available. Then, the young men of the Tacoma Gents after school program worked together to evenly distribute the slices to one another, and also to students and adults from another group who shares their meeting room. 

Learning to share their pizza is just a slice of how these boys are working together to grow as leaders and make a positive impact in their school and community.  

PHOTO: Panelists at GTCF's Professional Advisor Breakfast on May 7, 2019

Impact investing is sometimes referred to as "social capital," "social impact," or "place-based investing". At GTCF's Professional Advisor Breakfast, held on May 7th, 2019, keynote speaker Dana Brakman Reiser emphasized how community is at the heart of impact investing in that its about "Pursuing both financial returns and returns for society.  

Along with Brakman Reiser, four local panelists discussed the commitments each of their organizations have made to impact investment in our region and how their work relies on partnership for innovation as they align financial investments with community-focused values.


PHOTO: Members of GTCF's Youth Philanthropy Board at community convening on juvenile justice

Since 2011, GTCF's Youth Philanthropy Board (YPB) has provided young people in Pierce County an opportunity to identify, explore, and address their concerns for their community by using  philanthropic resources to support change. 

This year, the YPB identified youth returning to community after court-involvement as a major issue they wanted to address. The process they took in funding organizations to better serve those youth was a more involved approach than traditional grant writing.  It centered around a special convening with organizations who serve court-involved youth where YPB members could learn more about the work the organizations were doing and share ideas from their lived experience to help shape programs and policies.

PHOTO:  Bob Pittman,  Professional Advisor & GTCF Board Member

At Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, we've seen how much more we can accomplish when we work together. Since 1981, community members have shared their commitment to a thriving Pierce County by partnering with GTCF to bring their vision to life and build a legacy for future generations. In our 2018 yearbook, Pierce County Partners, a few of our partners shared their lessons and insights from working to strengthen Pierce County.

Bob Pittman first started working with GTCF over 30 years ago when he and his wife, Diane, established a scholarship to honor Al Hayes, the beloved principal of their alma mater Stadium High School.  Over three decades later Bob continues to partner with GTCF to help his estate planning clients achieve their philanthropic goals.

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