Great Partners Make a Greater Pierce County

Greater Tacoma Community Foundation was honored to receive recognition for its partnership by two different organizations last month, but we know that Pierce County is fueled by partnerships between all kinds of hard-working and innovative organizations. Whether it's the community partnerships that helped build the Eastside Community Center or the collaborative action for student success of Graduate Tacoma or any of the other ambitious partnerships underway,  complex challenges and promising opportunities require multi-faceted approaches and networks of individuals willing to take risks and make sacrifices. 

Partnerships can be challenging, but our community has a reputation for people coming back to the table to serve the greatest good. It takes time to build a brighter future, and we celebrate everyone who shares our commitment to work together for a stronger Pierce County.

President/CEO, GTCF
PHOTO: Sherrana Kildun, GTCF Director of Donor Services with the White River Community Champion Award

Greater Tacoma Community Foundation was recently honored with community partnership awards for our work with Tacoma Public Schools and in the White River Community

PHOTO: Fahren Johnson, GTCF Program Manager, talks with families about Expanded Learning Opportunities

The 2018 White River Community Summit, hosted by White River Families First Coalition, gathered community members, organizations and youth to initiate positive change for Buckley-area families and community.  GTCF was able to help provide financial support for the event and help strategize ideas around future Expanded Learning Opportunities for local students. 

PHOTO: Cover of 2018 Community Impact Report via Graduate Tacoma

On April 26th, Graduate Tacoma released their 2018 Community Impact Report highlighting how their partnership with Tacoma Public Schools is helping increase graduation rates for Tacoma students. 

PHOTO: Mayor Victoria Woodards and Fawcett Elementary students via Lisa Monet Photography

What would you do for kids if you were mayor?

Tacoma's Mayor Victoria Woodards posed that question to a group of students from Fawcett Elementary School during the Symposium on Our Youngest Citizens, hosted by the Children's Museum of Tacoma. 


At Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, we know donors carry out their charitable giving because they care deeply about their community and the causes they support.  At the same time, we recognize many people are looking for strategies to structure their giving in a way that maximizes impact for the organizations they support, as well as their own philanthropic goals.

PHOTO: Low Tide Walk via Harbor Wild Watch 

We believe great things happen when people gather together, so we're excited to see so many local organizations using the GTCF Community Calendar to share to connect in Pierce County.  Looking at this upcoming month and into the Summer we noticed a couple organizations, Harbor Wild Watch and Exceptional Families Network, leading the way in creating a variety of unique opportunities for community to come together.

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