"We are all monarch butterflies fluttering, coming together, all with different cultures and ancestries, but this ground is where we come together to honor our past and celebrate our present and our future as Tacoma under one sun on this native land.” - I Am Tacoma, by Gerardo Peña 

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Vaccine Participation vs. Hesitancy: Who Do You Trust?


COVID-19 vaccines are more readily available, but the number of people seeking vaccines has decreased. Organizations and agencies around Pierce County are sharing data, resources, and tools to help community members make informed decisions about vaccination.

As part of PIERCE COUNTY CONNECTED’s vaccine funding, many of those organizations and agencies recently gathered to share knowledge, approaches, and support for the many efforts in our community. 

"As a community, we are at our best when we honor all of our diverse voices, act upon what we hear from our communities in our response, and work together to implement equity-based solutions, both for COVID-19 and for all of our work to improve community health.” - Marcy Boulet, Community Liason, Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department

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Good Information and Trusted People Critical to COVID-19 Vaccine Equity


COVID-19 vaccine supply now exceeds demand. However, vaccine availability does not automatically equal vaccination for all people in all places. In Pierce County, efforts are underway to make it easy and desirable for all communities to get the vaccine. In Yakima, an effort called the Partnership for Food Security offers valuable lessons for improving vaccine equity. 

The Partnership for Food Security is a voluntary association of individuals and organizations working together to fight COVID–19 virus attacks on the people and communities who plant, grow, raise, feed, transport, store, process and bring us our food.. Although launched in Central Washington, the partnership receives support from experts in Pierce County. 

Jim Waldo, Vice President at Gordon Thomas Honeywell in Tacoma, has been central to bringing the partnership together and making connections. “Our success in Yakima has been completely reliant upon grassroot efforts. It is neighbors and leaders calling and talking to one another. Word of mouth and being able to get vaccinated at a place that they know and trust. Allowing each family member within multi-generational families to receive it all at once. We listened to the community, and they knew exactly how to reach out to one another.” 

Learn what worked in Yakima to encourage vaccine participation

This Could Not Have Been an Email: Social Emotional Learning Makes Meetings Meaningful


A common complaint heard after many work meetings is, “This could have been an email”. For Expanded Learning providers participating in Tacoma’s Whole Child partnership under COVID-19 conditions, virtual team meetings have been something they actually look forward to. 

Leah Grant, an instructor for a program called Snapology said the SEL strategies she learned in the huddles and the connections she made with other Expanded Learning providers helped her navigate all the changes during the past year.

“The SEL tools have been helpful for me in learning how to deal with the emotions that come from not being able to go out or see family members. I’m actually almost dreading going back in person because I’m worried I won’t be able to talk to everyone as often as we do now” 

Check out these 3 tips Expanded Learning providers shared for making meetings more meaningful

Listening To Youth Helps Drive Racial Equity at Pierce County Nonprofits


For many Pierce County nonprofits like Palmer Scholars, the pursuit of racial equity is baked into what they do, a key ingredient in the way they approach everything from programming to funding. Jonathan Jackson, Palmer Scholars’ Executive Director, pointed to the fact that youth voice is essential for their mission.

“If you’re talking about building an equitable future, but you’re not including the future in that conversation, you’re not setting the foundation for young people to be successful.”

Funders, donors, and others in the philanthropic sector with a shared commitment to racial equity can support nonprofits through an approach called trust-based philanthropy. Trust-based philanthropy is “an approach to giving that addresses the inherent power imbalances between funders, nonprofits, and the communities they serve.”

Find out how trust-based philanthropy and listening to youth voice can help support racial equity in Pierce County

Complex Gifts Can Simply Transform Communities

Marydale Brooks.jpg

The late Marydale Brooks believed the “important stuff” happens “when everyone starts pitching in with their talents, resources, or pure grunt work to get the job done.” A longtime Buckley resident, she was unassuming in her demeanor, community-minded, and collaborative in her giving.

According to Evelyn Ryberg, GTCF’s Senior Director of Philanthropic Services, Marydale was a devoted philanthropist who started early. She knew her community well and was purposeful about “layering” her giving. “She started with cash available and eventually involved securities,” Evelyn says. “As her estate planning evolved, she began to include gifts of real estate.”

Marydale’s “complex assets” in real estate became “complex gifts,” allowing her to establish the White River Hometowns Fund through GTCF.

Learn how Marydale partnered with GTCF to achieve her philanthropic goals for her community

Aligned Philanthropy in 2020


Get a closer look at GTCF's 2020 philanthropic investments

GTCF Offers Individualized Tools to Help Donors Achieve Their Philanthropic Vision

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At Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, we are committed to providing donors with the tools and resources they need to achieve their philanthropic vision.

Individually Managed Funds

GTCF offers donors the flexibility to recommend their own Investment Advisor for their donor advised fund (DAF). This customized investment approach allows donors to retain the expertise and relationship of their trusted Investment Advisors while receiving GTCF’s unique insights and philanthropic resources to support their charitable vision.

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