“The mural is beautiful with the colors and the bits of history that are within it. I like to take different parts of it and look up the pieces of history that it displays. When I look at it, I like to know the background and the struggles that people have overcome, the progress that they have made, and the progress they continue to make.”

-Observation by People's Community Center Staff Member of the People's Community Center Mural, By Hue Collaborative, Hilltop Neighborhood

Learn more about GTCF's Social Media Community Cover Photo Project

Young-Adult Leaders Use Local History Lessons To Build Blueprint for the Future

Young-adult leaders got the chance to design updated blueprints for community activism as part of the Institute for Black Justice (IBJ) ACES Design Challenge presented at the 2022 Freedom Summer Symposium last month. The symposium, led by IBJ founder, Carol Mitchell, was a social justice “call to action,” convening 18-35 year-old social justice activists and aspiring leaders.

This year’s design challenges centered on the history and lessons learned from the 1969 Mother’s Day Uprising. Participants were given the opportunity to consider those lessons, with the challenge of applying them to contemporary issues.

“It is intentional that inter-generational dialogue happens while linking back to a historical moment because it sends the message to young people today that there’s really nothing new, but you can update what has always been if you know about what happened in 1969.” 

Find out how youth and young-adult leaders are using their voice to strengthen community

Local Journalism and Local Funders Fuel Civic Voice and Power

Local journalism can make the difference between getting involved in community solutions or being caught off guard by events that arise from otherwise unseen issues. That has certainly been the case for nonprofit news site, Gig Harbor Now (GHN) Just 10 months after publishing their very first article, GHN has seen their stories on everything from school security concerns, to salmon streams result in widespread community engagement and civic participation.  

Philanthropic support for local independent news sites like GHN is becoming increasingly important, both here in Pierce County, and nationwide. GTCF is resourcing and funding local journalism because it supports and enhances relationships and connections across networks and issues. 

“There is an urgency and a necessity to local journalism if we’re interested in the future of democracy, in maintaining any kind of coherence and in making home, home."

Learn how media supports impact in our community

Loving Tacoma for the Long-Term

Reflecting on her role in helping found GTCF, Ann Wiborg once shared, “Our goal was to create an active movement – with a continuous flow of financial support and information around civic activity. The more people that you can help get involved, the more things you can do.” 

Ann saw the value of investing in her community for the long-term, and getting others involved. Through the years Ann and her husband James dedicated their time and financial resources to supporting many local organizations, serving on numerous nonprofit Boards and helping build a thriving community.

Ann and James made another long-term investment in the community by establishing legacy gifts to local nonprofits, including GTCF.  Ann Wiborg passed away in November of 2021. James passed away in 2015. In memory of their life-long commitment to community, and their respective passions for arts and sciences, the Wiborg children: Katherine, Mimi, Caroline & John established memorial funds in each of their parent’s names

Ann and James’s love and dedication to their community continues to advance the vision they shared in helping found GTCF over 40 years ago. Their children and grandchildren carry on their parents’ commitment to local philanthropy.

Read how the Wiborg's long-term vision will benefit Pierce County for generations to come.

GTCF 2021 Aligned Philanthropy

Get a closer look at 2021 aligned philanthropic investments through GTCF

Giving With GTCF Means Greater Connection With Community

Your charitable giving can be simpler and more rewarding with GTCF. As a community foundation with more than 40 years of experience as a philanthropic partner in Pierce County, GTCF has the relationships, knowledge, and expertise to support you in building an authentic connection to community through your philanthropy.

GTCF Fund Advisors benefit from a variety of unique services a community foundation can provide. And, all administrative fees for your fund go directly into building an equitable and thriving Pierce County.  

See how GTCF makes it simple to build a thriving Pierce County

Building Momentum for a Racially Equitable Thriving Pierce County

You may have noticed GTCF's logo has a new look.

In early 2021 Greater Tacoma Community Foundation began design of a long-term strategy to guide its work with an explicit commitment to racial equity. To support the emerging strategy and convey GTCF’s commitment in a visible way that applies to all aspects of GTCF's work, GTCF engaged the Tacoma creative firm Rotator to develop this refreshed logo.  

The circle shape of the GTCF logo represents community. People often use the words 'circle' and 'community' interchangeably. The small gold circle on the leading edge signifies a start point, but not necessarily an end point. We envision that gold circle revolving, gaining momentum, and creating energy along its path, reminding us that the work is never done in building a thriving Pierce County.

Alongside this logo, GTCF will continue to evolve and grow in supporting a thriving Pierce County through philanthropic services and investments as a catalyst and connector, an amplifier and facilitator, and a hub for knowledge.

Visit GTCF.org to see the refreshed logo and new look

Remembering George H. Weyerhaeuser

GTCF honors the life and legacy of long-time Tacoma resident and business leader, George H. Weyerhaeuser.

During his tenure as CEO of Weyerhaeuser, George transformed the company, and much of the timber industry, pushing it into long-term thinking. He pioneered a model of rigorous forest management and continued to nurture the Company’s trading partnerships, particularly in Japan.

Through George's relationships with Japanese companies, he received several gifts of precious bonsai trees. In 2013, the Weyerhaeuser Company gifted the entire bonsai collection, in partnership with the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, to form a new non-profit organization known as the Pacific Bonsai Museum. George was devoted to this organization up until his death.

In lieu of flowers, the family is accepting contributions to The Pacific Bonsai Museum, Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, or the Forest History Society

Contributions to The Pacific Bonsai Museum Fund at GTCF can be made using this link

Join GTCF's 2022 Chartered Advisor In Philanthropy Learning Cohort

CAP Cohort.jpeg

Greater Tacoma Community Foundation is excited to host another study group cohort for the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® designation starting September 2022.

Experienced wealth advisors, estate attorneys, tax advisors, private family foundation members, philanthropic advisors and fundraising professionals are encouraged to register.

The Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® (CAP®) is a 10-month program offered through The American College and provides seasoned professionals with the knowledge and tools to help clients articulate and advance their highest aspirations for self, family and community. 

GTCF's study group will meet monthly via Zoom. 

Reserve your spot in GTCF's 2022 CAP® cohort by contacting Evelyn Ryberg, Senior Director of Philanthropic Services

Leave 10 South Sound Provides Planned Giving Resources to Local Nonprofits

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Is your nonprofit organization looking to expand its' planned giving program, or develop one for the first time? Leave 10 South Sound provides the guidance and resources to help build a planned giving program that will benefit your organization and the community for generations to come.

Learn more about Leave 10 planned giving resources for local nonprofits

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