April 16, 2020
#1 - Christina River Challenge
Consider joining the GV Team for this free virtual fitness challenge. If interested, please register ASAP.


Newport Rowing Club is launching the first-ever Christina River Challenge! As in all strength-endurance sports, the athletes who train regularly are the ones who win races. Compete within your team and against other junior rowers on the Christina River to rack up points for minutes of work and help each other stay motivated.

The total points earned will be tallied into the following leaderboards:
- Total Team Points (including coach points)
- Top 10 Total Individual Points by Athletes (all teams)
- Top 5 Total Individual Points by Coaches (all teams)
- Top 5 Total Individual Points by Athletes Within Each Team
- Total Team Points from the Previous Week
- Total Individual Points by Athletes from the Previous Week
- Total Individual Points by Coaches from the Previous Week

To participate, click the link below and open up the Christina River Challenge google sheet. Click the tab at the bottom of the page with your team's initials. Enter your name on a new line (you will only need to do this the first time you enter the page). After your first log-in, to enter points, click on your team tab, find your name, and enter your points for the day.

Weekly leaderboards will be updated every Monday by 12pm. All points from the previous week must be entered by Sunday at Midnight in order to be included in the weekly leaderboards.

The available points are listed below. You can also find these under the "Rules/Points" tab on the google sheet. There are also bonus points available every day. Bonus points are listed on the team tabs and change from day to day.

Available Points
Erging (steady-state) - 2pts / 20min
Erging (above steady-state; AT/TR) - 3pts / 20min
Running, Biking, Swimming, Yoga - 1pt / 20min
Core - 3pt / 15min
Other Sports (baseball, basketball, lacrosse, etc.) - 1pt / 30min
EX: If you erg at steady-state effort for 60min, do 15min of core, and 20min of yoga, you would get 10pts. (6 for erging, 1 for yoga, and 3 for core)

We will not be asking for photo evidence of your work for every entry. However, all coaches reserve the right to ask for proof from their athletes at any time. 

If you have any questions about the Christina River Challenge please reach out to Coach Naomi Katz ( newportrowingclub@gmail.com ). Please remember to keep yourselves and the people in our community safe by practicing social distancing. We're looking forward to some friendly competition. Let's get #quarentinejacked!

Best of luck,
NRC Coaches & Staff

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