Great Valley Pickleball FUNraiser Tournament Update!
Deb Sawin & Cory Sawin
Runner Ups:
Jim Potts & Vicki Luckett
Tournament Results
Pool A Teams & Standings

  1. Vicki/Pottsee 3-0
  2. Donna/Barry 2-1
  3. Ann/Rick 1-2
  4. Hank/Sue 0-3

Pool B Teams & Standings

  1. Deb/Cory 2-1
  2. Jody/George 2-1
  3. Jan/Austin 1-2
  4. Dick/Karen 1-2
Game 1: Barry/Donna Wins 15 - 9 vs Hank/Sue
Game 2: Vicki/Pottsee Wins 15-10 vs Ann/Rick
Game 3: Jody/George Wins 16-14 vs Jan/Austin
Game 4: Karen/Dick Wins 16-14 vs Deb/Cory
Game 5: Ann/Rick Wins vs Hank/Sue
Game 6: Vicki/Pottsee Wins vs Barry/Donna 17-15
Game 7: Deb/Cory Wins 17-15 vs Jan/Austin
Game 8: Jody/George Wins 15-13 vs Karen/Dick
Game 9: Vicki/Pottsee Wins 15-2 vs Hank/Sue
Game 10 Barry/Donna Wins 15-6 vs Ann/Rick
Game 11: Jan/Austin Wins 15-4 vs Karen/Dick
Game 12: Deb/Cory Wins 15-9 vs Jody/George

Championship Game: Deb/Cory Wins 15-10 vs Vicki/Pottsee
Action Shots
Give a little...GET A LOT!
Please display our "Give a little, GET A LOT!" yard signs as we empower the entire Great Valley community to make a difference and contribute to the new community center. Our immediate goal is to raise an additional $1 million!

  • It is recommended that you sign up before showing up so that there are at least 4 or more people per court to play! We want to ensure a full court so that no one has to wait for a game. Additionally, signing up in advance makes it easy to prepay the $5 fee. However, drop-ins are always welcome! If you need to cancel or change the date after you signed up; please email We have a 48 hour cancellation policy.

  • We welcome beginners! We have instructors available on most Tuesdays & Thursdays. We ask beginners to please sign up in advance so we can ensure that we have a pickleball instructor available. SignUpGenius