Dear GW-CEPL Alumni and Friends, 

The George Washington University (GW) welcomed a new president, President Thomas LeBlanc . The substance of his message about GW contained themes which resonate deeply with the mission of our Center . He challenged the university community to become “Aspirational” again in its vision; to be “Global” in its reach; to move from making decisions based on assumptions of lack and limitation to making decisions which are both bold and reasoned in service of its mission; and, finally, to truly be understanding, appreciating, and serving its students. Likewise, we encourage you to bring forward your “Aspirations” and, thus be an “Inspiration” to others who, like you, persist in making a difference by embracing the creative power of so-called limitations and, thus move through them to create miraculous results. We look forward to engaging with you in the pursuit of your Aspirations and in helping you become the “Grandest Version” of your “Highest Vision” for who you are becoming.

As we can learn from President George Washington, the essence and characteristics of leadership may withstand time, but together we need to continuously develop ourselves for the ever-changing, complex future. As we enter this autumn season, we challenge you to vision where you see yourself, and let us help you get there.

James Robinson,
Executive Director 
GW-Center for Excellence in Public Leadership