Join the GWP to honor  World Ranger Day
July 31, 2017
Dear Colleagues,

Everyday, park rangers risk their lives to protect wildlife, nature and communities. In doing so, over 1,000 park rangers have been killed defending wildlife over the last decade, including 110 in the past year, according to the Thin Green Line Foundation.

How do we strengthen law enforcement response to the illegal wildlife trade?

The latest blog by our colleague Simon Robertson  says that ideally, poaching should be stopped at the site level. This requires effective patrolling by dedicated law enforcement personnel, i.e. park rangers, with resources and equipment to face well-armed poachers to deter, intercept, and if necessary secure a crime scene. To complement these efforts, Simon advises park rangers work alongside local communities who are the eyes and ears on the ground and can provide valuable information for investigations. The role of communities in law enforcement is essentialincentivizing communities and raising local awareness helps law enforcement efforts.

It is essential that a robust wildlife crime legal framework exists that allows law enforcement officials to work effectively and efficiently. Additionally, there needs to be careful investment in capacity building, data collection, investigative techniques, intelligence training and judicial training.

The Global Wildlife Program (GWP), led by the World Bank and funded by the Global Environment Facility, is facilitating elements of law enforcement and capacity building across 19 countries in Asia and Africa.

On this 10th World Ranger Day we salute and honor our park rangers and forest guards for their bravery and courage in protecting endangered species and protected areas. 

Warm regards from The GWP Team 
Why law enforcement is essential to stopping illegal wildlife trade
“Have you ever seen a rhino walking into the African sunset? It’s an unbelievable sight. Now let me ask you this - have you ever seen a carcass of a dead adult rhino with its horn sawn off and the body lying on the dusty ground? It is an unforgettable and tragic sight.” Read how law enforcement can help stop the slaughter
“Pause and reflect on the brave work being done by rangers all over the world.”
International Ranger Federation President Sean Willmore’s message to the world's rangers and ranger's supporters for World Ranger Day, July 31, 2017. 
"You risk your lives almost every day, this is because the fight against poachers is becoming like a war."
Dr. Jane Goodall’s World Ranger Day message in support for rangers around the world and her role as an Ambassador for The Thin Green Line Foundation that supports the training, equipping and the families of fallen rangers.  
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