Gynecological Services at Rittenhouse Women's Wellness Center
All of the providers in our office treat a variety of gynecological concerns; Trained and experienced in performing everything listed on the right. Give us a call, we would be happy to schedule you an appointment.

  • Annual GYN services
  • Contraception consults & management
  • Preconception consultations
  • Menopause, menopausal transition and postmenopausal period
  • Assessment, Management and Treatment
  • Initial assessment/treatment/management of:
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Irregular bleeding
  • Amenorrhea
  • Anovulation
  • PCOS management
  • IUD placement/removal
  • Nexplanon placement/removal
  • Thermiva treatment
  • Management of vaginitis/infections
  • STI management and treatment + expedited partner treatment
  • PREP consult and treatment
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Coital/post coital bleeding
  • Pelvic floor assessment and referrals
  • Breast health and exams
  • PMS/PMDD management
  • Primary Ovarian Failure
  • Assessment, Management and Treatment

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For the month of October, Mammogram scripts will be available for pickup at the front desk.

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There is no Planet B
By: Maria Mazzotti, DO

As Climate Week comes to an end, I would like to share some of the things I have learned over the past six months thanks to my daughter Julia and her increased involvement in preserving the environment. Not only was it a great excuse to spend time working on this article together, but we were able to collect categorized recommendations on how to alter everyday habits to better help the environment. While we are sure we have not covered everything, these tips are a great place to start.

Beauty Recommendations
1.     Use shampoo and conditioner bars.  This will save on water, packaging and money since the bars last longer. Some of the manufacturer’s include Lush (they will give you a free container of a face mask if you return 5 empty face mask containers!) Human Kind, Sterling Soap Company, Skin & Company, and Naples Soap Company.
2.     Use Safety Razors.  These razors do not rust, are cost efficient, and are not plastic, therefore can eventually be recycled.
3.     Dental products.  You can use Bamboo toothbrushes in place of plastic toothbrushes. Tooth tabs can replace your toothpaste. Biodegradable floss is also available.  If you are resourceful, you can make your own toothpaste, mouth wash, and deodorant. 

The PRP is derived from your own blood, the serum portion of the blood that contains platelets. The platelets contain high levels of growth factors which when applied to the skin stimulate cell turnover and collagen.
Call 215-735-7990 or email to purchase the specials above!
Dermacenter's Skincare Tip of the Month: Bags Under Eyes
By: Simone Abel, RN

I frequently get asked about what you can do to help with bags under the eyes. We are born with three fat pads under our eyes, and as we get older this fat can start to herniate. Swelling in this area can also be an issue with fluid accumulating around your eyes. The good news is, there are a few different options to treat bags under the eyes!
I always recommend starting with the least invasive treatments, and if you aren’t getting the results you wish, then you can move to the next option.

At-home Remedies that can help with bags under the eyes:
1. Cool compresses. – Put 2 spoons in your freezer, and every morning place the spoons over your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes.

2. Stay hydrated! This might mean to also cut back on your alcohol.

3. Allergies can cause puffiness around your eyes. If you suffer from allergies, trying taking a Claritin or Zyrtec during the day and Benadryl at night.

4. Sleep with an extra pillow so your head is elevated a bit more. This helps prevent the pooling of fluid in your face and around your eyes.

5. SLEEP! It’s so important to get 8 hours of sleep!

6. Cut back on the salty foods! Salt causes fluid retention and can make you puffy everywhere not just your eyes.


Medication refills can take up to 5 days after requested. If you call when you are completely out, it may be a couple days before we can help you. Please be conscience of your supply so that you have your medication when you need it.

Please arrive to your appointments on time. While we do have a grace period, late patients cause the provider to run late, and therefore the remaining patients of the day run late as well. Please add time to your commute to account for city traffic and construction.

As many of you are aware, we offer an on-call service for when our office is closed. It allows you to speak with one of our providers in the event of an emergency. This on-call service is for EMERGENCIES ONLY! Please treat it as such and do not use the line for anything that does not require urgent attention.

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