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NEW: GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower Combination Unit, Model: Ultima XS

We have some exciting news! Juliu Horvath, GYROTONIC® Method Creator and Founder, has developed a new version of the GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower Unit! 

The design is based on the current Ultima Pulley Tower; however, the new model shows significant improvements in functionality and versatility. The new model, called Ultima XS, is the epitome of Julius equipment creation so far. The Ultima XS is the ultimate equipment that many trainers have been waiting for!
What can you expect?
The Ultima XS Handle Unit

  • Extra small settings: range of motion for children, for clients with limited range of motion, for clients with therapeutic needs, and many more;
  • Extra-large setting: range of motion for tall clients, athletes, dancers and many more; 
  • Setting from high (up) to and low (down) according to the individual needs of the client. Particular segments of the spine can be targeted with ease and comfort.
  • Comfortable seated position at all times; clients sit either on the height-adjustable bench or on a chair, which suits the condition of the client best, including wheelchairs. 
And more.
(The handle unit is identical to the GYROTONER® Handle Unit.)

The Ultima XS Bench

  •   Improved adjustable bench height from a very low setting to a very high setting
  •   Improved width of the bench for more comfort and safety
  •   New hand grips for different positions for the arms

At this point in time, we cannot reveal more details or photos about the Ultima XS. The best way to describe the new Pulley Tower is that you will receive an upgraded Ultima Pulley Tower Unit with the GYROTONER® Handle Unit, TWO MACHINES IN ONE!

A company based in Taiwan with production locations in several countries in Asia will manufacture the Ultima XS. Juliu Horvath is working personally with the manufacturing team and is extremely pleased with the choice of the manufacturer and is absolutely confident of top manufacturing quality.

  • The first Ultima XS units are due to be available in September/October 2020 (subject to change).
  • The price will vary a little by country but will be approx. $8,800USD.
  • Further details will be available in the next few months and will be sent out accordingly. 
  • At this time, the Ultima XS will only be available in Asia.
GYROTONIC ® Pulley Tower Orders for Asia 2020:
The next batch of Ultima Units (the current Pulley Tower version) will be available in July 2020 (subject to change).

Therefore, in order to manage production levels, we need to know which version our customers would like:

  •   Option 1:

Reserve and deposit for an Ultima Pulley Tower for pickup in Hong Kong around Jul 2020 (limited stock, date to be confirmed.)

  •   Option 2: 

Reserve and deposit for an Ultima XS for pickup in China, available in Sep/Oct 2020. 

If you are in a rush to get a Pulley Tower, we suggest you choose Option 1 and order the existing Ultima model for July as we do not have a fixed ready date for the Ultima XS (especially in light of the current virus outbreak which we anticipate may delay production further).

If you would like Option 1, please fill in this form and then make a deposit payment of $2,500USD .


For Option 2, please fill in this form and make a deposit payment for $2,500USD.


Please note your order is not reserved until we have received order form (including purchase order agreement) deposit payment AND confirmed availability.
GYROTONIC ® Level 1 Education:
The Gyrotonic Level 1 educational curriculum remains the same . Studio owners and trainers will receive video tutorials explaining the adjustments and settings on the Ultima XS for the standard Level 1 program.

For the use of the additional functions of the GYROTONER® Handle Unit, all trainers are required to complete the specialized educational course for the GYROTONER® . Only certified GYROTONER® trainers are eligible to use the additional functions.

We look forward to hearing back with your choice and any further questions.

Best Regards

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