Gabrielino Bike Lane Restoration Work Is Scheduled for September 4-5
WHAT: Last Spring, the University Hills Homeowner Representative Board Transportation Committee, in consultation with ICHA, unanimously agreed to restore bike lanes on Gabrielino Drive.
Restoring the bike lanes involves applying a layer of slurry on Gabrielino, between California Avenue and East Peltason Drive, and then repainting the bike lane striping. The slurry material on the collector roads in University Hills, like Gabrielino Drive, is a different product than what is used on the neighborhood streets. The collector roads tolerate more traffic and thus warrant a different material.  The striping cannot be removed on this product without it showing through on the pavement, possibly causing confusion to some users. Thus, the contractor needs to re-slurry the road in order to re-stripe. The reason ICHA has waited until summer to do the re-striping work is that warmer weather is necessary for the slurry to correctly cure. The project will be completed later in the summer than ICHA initially anticipated due to scheduling conflicts with the slurry contractor.

WHEN: The work is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, September 4 and Thursday, September 5. Portions of Gabrielino Drive will be closed on those days, however all streets will remain accessible via alternate routes.

PARKING : The restoration of the bike lanes will eliminate some parking adjacent to Gabrielino Community Park. The map below shows areas where parking is permitted in proximity to the park. For more information about the decision to restore bike lanes and University Hills' Transportation Improvement program, please click on the button above.

Please address questions to:
Ronald Reid
Asset Manager
Irvine Campus Housing Authority
Parking is permitted in areas marked GREEN
Irvine Campus Housing Authority
(949) 824-2432
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