I know I wrote a newsletter just couple days ago, but I wanted to send out a quick update because I there were unfortunately a couple errors on my tour schedule AND I forgot to send you the link to my TEDx Talk, which was recently posted online! Hope you are having a great week, and talk soon!

Gaelynn Lea
TEDx Talk: 
Sexuality & Disability
Back in October, I had a chance to participate in TEDxYale , where I gave a talk about Sexuality and Disability. This is an issue very near and dear to my heart - I wrote one of my favorite college papers on this topic and have spoken in classrooms about it before. Needless to say, I was really excited to craft and create a full speech around the topic!

Paul and I flew out to Yale in the middle of the Fall tour for basically 24 hours. It was a really fun experience, made even better because one of my childhood  best friends (Allison) actually flew out to just  watch the speech (and so she could say she went to Yale). It was awesome to hang out with her!  Here she is posing with a sweatshirt ---->

Anyway, I had meant to share it with you when it was released and it slipped my mind... So here it is! Thank you again to the TEDxYale organizers for asking me to speak at this year's conference!


I know that I just sent out a list of tour dates, but I realized after it was sent out that there were some mistakes - so here is the updated list - hope to see you on the road! Have a wonderful rest of your winter!
UPDATED 2017 Tour Dates:
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