Suzanne Gaff
Season of Fragile Moments
Black and White Photography
22  ½" x 43"

Suzanne Gaff
Little River, SC

Artist Biography:
Growing up in rolling hills of Maryland, Suzanne was always happiest when creating something artistic out of something ordinary. As marriage and children took precedence, this spirit was relegated to the back burner and incorporated in making children's clothing and decorating our home. After earning a Commercial Art degree and relocating to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, the artistic urge, once again, took center stage. 

Suzanne's life has been a journey of creative discovery and photography has become the medium of choice for the last twenty years. Through the years, black and white, and color photography have afforded Suzanne the ability to record moments in time, a way of composing and painting scenes with her camera, paying careful attention to light and shadow, and the elements of classic design! Suzanne is an award-winning photographer, with her artistic photographs in collections in the US, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and Greece. 

Unusual light and atmospheric conditions, dramatic subjects and those with strong design elements especially capture her attention, and stir a passion for 'getting the shot!' Each day brings new opportunities to compose unique images that often evoke memories of a time... a place... a feeling or emotion... each frame a 'painting' unto itself! Since moving to South Carolina in 1999, Suzanne has found a wonderful new palette of subject matter its people, its flora and fauna, architecture and seascapes. Often interesting scenes appear close to home, just outside the window! Suzanne delights in sharing her view of the beauty and wonder and uniqueness of God's world. Her works may also be seen at The Burroughs-Chapin Art Museum gift shop and the Seacoast Artists Gallery, both in Myrtle Beach, SC, and online at: and at