Gaia Gear for the whole family
With many gift-giving holidays quickly approaching, why not give your friends and family the gift of super comfortable Gaia Gear?

Support ICG's mission and shop our Gaia inspired selection of hoodies, raglans, and a few other non-clothing accessories online now! Items are pick up only at our office located at 704 W. Buffalo St. #4, Ithaca, NY 14850, please arrange a convenient pick up time with our Lead Educator, Lauren:
Hens are back the Garden
Most days five silkie hens will be visiting Cluckingham Palace and will go to a more secure home every night.

Playful Nature Explorers were here to greet the new arrivals with excitement and gentleness.
While some kids felt confident enough to go right into the coop to play with the hens, a few showed reluctance.

PNE Guides Jason and Kelsey explained that the hens are more afraid of us, and appreciate quiet feet and treats.
Jason sat down with a hen and patiently waited for this Explorer to feel safe enough to approach her, and courageously asked to hold her on his lap!
There was much preparation to make sure the coop was ready, Explorers helped fill up water and food containers, and removed bind weed and a few overgrown plants from the wire. Then they helped us introduce the hens to their new home.

We are happy to have our hen friends back! Playful Nature Explorers is still welcoming new Explorers! Learn more about our nature-immersion preschool by visiting our website. If you have any questions, please reach out to
Chi Phi Cornell Volunteer Day
A large group of college students sit atop Gaia the Turtle.
ICG was recently visited by the Cornell Chi Phi Fraternity, who helped us prepare the Garden for winter with a lot of raking, weeding, mulching, and adding compost to the vegetable garden beds. We were excited to learn that some of their members are interested in, or are pursuing degrees in Environmental Science, Entomology, and one member is involved with the Cornell Bee Keepers Club.

Their group leader was extremely pleased with their experience and noted that volunteering at the Garden was great for their group; they were able to work together, see their impact, and have an immediate connection with a community organization. Thanks to Chi Phi's time and hard work, the Garden is ready for the upcoming colder months!
Local icon finds a new home at the Garden
The team at ICG is pleased to announce that the Sunny Days of Ithaca photo sign has moved from its residence on the Commons to a new home at the Garden!

We're honored to be trusted with this Ithaca icon, and look forward to seeing new smiles in the sun. Please be sure to tag ICG and Sunny Days on social media if you snap photos with the sign during your visit!
What's ICG reading?
The enduring magic of children's gardens
Children's gardens are typically designed with different sensory needs in mind, and sensory input in the developing mind is so important. Many children's gardens have access to climbing structures, beautiful colors, a multitude of textures. All those wonderful sensory opportunities help kids' brains develop.

Listen to the children...
When I made space for my work and my life as a parent to co-exist, I opened myself up to a blended reality I never thought possible. 
Here are five lessons where letting my kids teach me made me a better human and, thus, better at my work...

An entangled web: Complex problems require systems thinking
The systems change framework is a useful tool in understanding the web of moving parts in efforts to create equitable access to nature for children. It means connecting the dots between programs, policies, budgets, relationships and attitudes. It means building partnerships—and giving decision-making power to local communities.

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