Unfortunately, there is still too much wasteful spending throughout state agencies and government bureaucracies, leaving taxpayers on the hook for the tab. As a taxpayer advocate, I work hard to maintain high standards of ethics and fiscal responsibility. My number one priority as a public servant has always been to protect hardworking Californians.

That’s why I’m excited to announce that my Sacramento office has moved !

When I was sworn in last January, I inherited a roughly 4,300 square foot office. It was large and expensive but necessary to house the former Board Member and his staff of 12. With reduced staffing levels beginning this year, I immediately began looking for a smaller office.

After many meetings and significant coordination among multiple agencies, we moved into our new space last month. Along with a much smaller footprint—at 1490 square feet—comes a $12,500 per month savings to taxpayers. I traded in a 17 th floor view of the State Capitol for a 6 th floor view of the Macy’s on K Street and I couldn’t be happier.
This is just the beginning! Constituents often tell me about the toll that high taxes take on their families and businesses. These stories motivate me to continue looking for more ways to better use taxpayer dollars and to advocate for more transparency at all levels of government.

Come by and say hello—I’d love to see you!