April 2018
Dakota's Story:
Gaining Independence Through Employment
Dakota at his job
An Ambassador for Youth and Adults with Disabilities

Dakota was chosen by his school to become an Employment First Student Ambassador when it was awarded an Employment First Partner Grant through the Wisconsin Board for People with Disabilities. In this role, Dakota is developing leadership and public speaking skills by sharing his employment experiences with local businesses and service clubs. He encourages and inspires them to employ youth and adults with disabilities.

Take a look at what else Dakota has accomplished: Dakota's Story
A bunch of Promise kids
A bunch of Promise kids
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Lots of cool things are happening with youth and families participating in Promise. There’s still time to get involved and take advantage of what Promise has to offer.
  • What do you need to know before age 18? Get an update on your benefits and healthcare.
  • Be a better advocate
  • Get essential skills employers are looking for
  • Increase your financial confidence
  • Do you have a matched savings account?
Talk to your  Promise DVR Counselor  today about what  Promise services  you are missing! Remember Promise ends September 30, 2018.
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Ellie's Updates
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Check out the Promise Services Summary and find out how Promise is helping Wisconsin Promise Youth and Families. The more impact we can have with more youth and their family members, the more we will be able to demonstrate how Wisconsin Promise Services and Supports can help to increase participants’ education, employment, and financial self-sufficiency.
Father, mother, and daughter
Provide Support
Building Better Relationships
Acting as the caregiver to a child can bring much joy to your life, and also, a tremendous amount of responsibility. Researchers are now telling us that the single most important factor that leads to future achievement is the relationship the child has with their parents. Read More
Community Forums
Employing Young Adults with Barriers:
Finding Workforce Solutions
Business's have workforce needs and young adults with disabilities and other barriers have the skills and the desire to work. Join the discussion to help identify how to make these connections.

Wausau, WI
When: May 8, 2018
Time: 5 PM - 7:30 PM
Where: Great Dane Pub and Brewing Company
Cost: FREE
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Wisconsin Promise's Response to SSA's Request:

What needs to be in place (other than funding) in order for the services PROMISE provides to become sustainable? (For example: permanent partnerships, MOUs, data sharing, etc.)

  • Family Services. One key to PROMISE is services were not only for the youth, but also for the youth's family members or household. This is important because youth's eligibility for SSI is based on household income, and if the goal is to help break the cycle of poverty, then helping not only the youth but also helping a youth's family members/household members reach their education, employment and financial self-sufficiency goals is also important. The issue is there are no state or federal programs that currently pay for providing services and supports to the family members of the youth, so a way to fund these services and supports would need to be identified.
  • Data Sharing: Wisconsin Promise inter-agency partners plan to discuss data sharing beyond Promise. 
  • Consent to Share Data. Wisconsin Promise youth and family members signed a research consent form, consenting for their data to be shared across state agencies. Given various privacy laws, without a signed consent form, data sharing might be limited after Wisconsin Promise. Agency partners plan to have further conversations about this later in the project, so there may be a way to continue to share data across state agencies after Wisconsin Promise, but that needs to be worked out yet.
  •  Matching Individual Data Across Systems. Matching individual data across various inter-agency administrative systems and vendor owned systems for contracted services can be difficult without a common identifier across systems. Uniquely identifying individuals across systems is challenging because no single ID, such as SSN, is used across all the various partners sharing data. Better infrastructure to support identifying and matching individuals more efficiently would be an improvement to facilitate sharing information, and provide a more complete and accurate picture of the individual.
  • SSA Security Clearance and Data Sharing. As a large demonstration grant, each PROMISE project was required to recruit at least 2,000 youth receiving SSI and their families. Only individuals with SSA security clearance could gain access to the eligibility list from SSA. The process for SSA security clearance was both restrictive and time consuming. If SSA plans to do similar large demonstration projects in the future, recruitment would be faster if the clearance process was both less restrictive and took less time.
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