Newsletter for April 2018
  “Broad Ideas” Committee
Photo by Fallon Oldenburg


 There are some exciting changes happening at the Galena Center for the Arts. Last week we put in a new hot water heating system, which may not seem like a big deal unless you realize that since 2014 we have washed our dishes with hot water from electric tea kettles. 

We also are so grateful to have received a grant from the Galena Lion’s Club as well as a gift from a generous donor, to repair the elevator in the building, so that people can easily go from the main to the lower floor. This will particularly benefit our friends in the Galena Stauss Senior Community, who will be able to more easily access the performance space.

Meaningful progress!

Wonderful things are happening at the Center. I encourage you to visit us before April 8 to see  Women of the Americas  and  Broad Ideas.



Women of the Americas

Open one more weekend, 1–4 pm
Thursday through Sunday, April 8.

Janet Checker’s solo exhibition includes seventeen large oil paintings of native women of North and South America in cultural dress. Don’t miss seeing them together in our special exhibit. For more information click here
Spoken Word
closing event
April 08, 6 pm

All good things must come to an end. Join us for an evening of Spoken Word as we celebrate the conclusion of this show and its future possibilities.
In March, Jen Nottrott and Irene Thraen-Borowski represented the Center on Paula Sands Live TV show, to talk about the Broad Ideas exhibit. They gave wonderful interviews, and we have had people visit the Center just because they saw them on TV! If you missed the program, you can see the interviews on these links.

For Irene’s interview, click here -------- For Jen’s interview, click here  
Irene Thraen-Borowski & Paula Sands
Jen Nottrott

Opening Reception April 13, 5 -7 pm
Gallery hours: 11 am–4 pm
Thursday through Sunday
A new exhibit will open on Friday, April 13, with a reception from 5-7 pm.  Collaborations will include works of art created by two or more artists. Paintings, pottery, textiles, paper, wood—so many combinations will be represented.
Elizabeth Boggess, Laura Scoles, and Janet Zehr work on a lace installation piece.
Regional Artists Gallery

Gallery hours are extended
for the Spring and Summer Season
11am–4pm Thursday through Sunday, starting April 13.

Our gallery reflects all the amazing talent of our regional artists. Potters, sculptors, painters, and more show their work here. A new exhibit will be open on April 13th. The range of media currently in the gallery includes watercolor, pastel, oils, acrylic, photography, clay, metal, wood, marble, limestone, soapstone, and reed. The gallery changes every couple months, so there’s always something new to enjoy. 
Regional Artists Gallery
Feature Gallery
Joe Bartch, a young artist who works at Culver’s and is a big football fan (especially the Dallas Cowboys) is our featured artist. In fact, football is the biggest theme of his drawings. A graduate of Stockton High School, he started drawing in Middle school, and is very excited to show his work in our Feature Gallery.  
Upcoming Events
  “The Adventures of the Thin Man”
Ready for a good time?
Tickets for the next show in the old-time radio series  The Adventures of the Thin Man , appropriately named  Another Thin Man,  are now on sale at the Center, the reception desk at the DeSoto House, and on-line.
Another Thin Man, set in 1939, features the hard drinking private detective Nick Charles, played by Jay Dickerson, and his wealthy heiress wife Nora, played by Susan Barg. Of course, murders are committed, and it’s up to Nick and Nora (and their dog Asta) to solve the case. Relive the golden days of old-time radio as part of the studio audience for this mystery/comedy, complete with period costumes, live music, sound effects, and radio jingles for our sponsors.

For more information, call 779-214-0261 . Seating is limited and the last radio show sold out, so it’s a good idea to get tickets early.

Order tickets online: click here
Songwriters Showcase Featuring
Martin Koop
Thursday, April 19, 7-9 pm  
Martin Koop is a singer, songwriter and guitar-picker, whose contagious songs are the reason Funcoast magazine said Koop is “proof that folk music is alive and well.” 

When it gets down to gritty,
groovy, soulful songs about life, broken hearts,
dirty laundry, trains, and best friends, nobody in
Americana music today does it the way Koop does it.
After a thirty year career of festivals, pubs,
coffee shops, campuses, wineries, house
concerts, and little theaters, Koop is emerging
as a national touring artist, where his
relentless pursuit of grit and tone and well crafted
lyrics is suddenly finding its way to audiences in
the nooks and crannies of America.
As always, there is no charge for the Songwriters Showcase,
but we do appreciate a donation. Join us for a great night of music!
“Service Above Self” award
from the Rotary Club of Galena

Our Executive Director, Carole Sullivan, and our Technical Director, Jan Lavacek, were honored to receive the “Service Above Self” award from the Rotary Club of Galena, for outstanding leadership and dedication to the ideals of Rotary. 
Pictured are Jan, Carole and Andy Willis
Photo compliments of the Galena Gazette  
All River Road Talent hosts a monthly art drive the first weekend of each month. All River Road Talent is a synergy of artists building a cultural and visitor awareness of artistic talent in the Galena region of NW IL. April ARRT tour dates are 7 & 8.
Figure Drawing
Thursdays 1:30–3:30 pm
Drawing from a live model is both challenging and rewarding. It really teaches you to  see  
and draw what you see.

Proportion, light and shadow, detailed renderings, or loose and expressive sketches—whatever you like. Charcoal, pastel, c onté  crayon, graphite, watercolor–whatever you like.
It’s all up to you.

Bring your supplies and we will supply the model. $10 per session.   

If you are interested in modeling, give us a call:  779-214-0261
Sketch by Sheila Haman
Yoga with Marion the Bubble Lady
Tuesday at 10:00-11:30 am
Lower level of the Center

Mindful Yoga with Kate Miller
Wednesday at 4:30-5:30 pm
Lower level of the Center

This ongoing class integrates mindfulness with yoga and breath-work.
Participants are guided in basic Hatha Yoga postures to their capacity, while maintaining moment-to-moment awareness, utilizing the breath to enhance flexibility, and exploring boundaries and limits in a gentle and caring way. Each class ends with deep relaxation.
Volunteer of the Month - Susan Barg
Although she has only lived in Galena since 2013, Susan Barg has become a familiar face to residents and visitors alike—albeit not necessarily as herself. We have seen her as the Duchess of Rutland (Women of Courage and Commitment), and as Anne Fiddick Edwards and Rowena Bastin Bennett (Cemetery Walk). And, along with many other characters, she has portrayed the “Lady in White” and “Rosie the Riveter.”

In the Center for the Arts' popular radio plays, “Miracle on 34 th St.” and “After the Thin Man,” she has played several roles, including Nora Charles. We can look forward to seeing her again appear as Nora in the next radio play, “Another Thin Man.”

As herself, Susan is as interesting as any of the characters she portrays. She began acting when she was still in elementary school, doing summer stock, and then performing in plays and musicals throughout junior high and high school. Although she can sing and dance, she says she has always been “mostly an actor.” While raising her children, she worked for eighteen years as a flight attendant for American Airlines. The work was fun, with layovers in London and, in winter, in the Caribbean, and she could juggle her hours to fit her family life. Nevertheless, after 9/11, she decided to change careers and trained as a massage therapist; she still has her own practice.

But even while working at other jobs and taking care of her family, Susan managed to keep acting by making some commercials and being an extra in movies. Not an actor's dream, perhaps, but, as she says, she could “become someone else for a moment in time.” However, what she really loves is creating a person in a performance. Since moving to Galena, she has had opportunities to do that, and has impressed us with her ability to bring a character to life.

When asked about the Center for the Arts, she is, of course, hoping for a theater in the future. But in the meantime, she loves the “creativity and uniqueness” of the radio shows, and especially enjoys doing the dress rehearsals for the assisted living and nursing home residents next door. She has given poetry readings, and hopes for more of them at the Center, and would also like to see a regular movie night. With her creative ideas, energy, and talent, she may just help make those things a reality.
Heads-up for Events in the Works
Stories of Our Wildflowers Part II
May 6, 2 pm
Richard Pearce will give an hour’s exploration of local wildflowers, both rare and common. On the roster are Monkey Flower, Smartweed, Fog (or is it Frog?) Fruit, Joe Pye Weed, Waterleaf, and more. Delving into the name Joe Pye weed should be of interest to fans of native American history.
Richard is entertaining and his high definition videos are amazing. This is a great inspiration to get out into the woods to see the wildflowers when they are in bloom.  For more information click here
Play It Forward
August 4, 2018 at Woodbine Bend
We are thrilled to announce that all proceeds from this year’s Play It Forward Golf Fundraising Event sponsored by Scout the Magazine and Woodbine Bend will be shared by Galena Center for the Arts AND Timber Lake Playhouse! Golfers, mark your calendars and get your teams together for this August 4, 2018 golf event and dinner at Woodbine Bend! 
Thank You!
Broad Ideas Committee
  • Cathie Elsbree
  • Kate Miller
  • Rose Noble
  • Jen Nottrott
  • Nancy Schuldt
  • Carole Sullivan
  • Irene Thraen-Borowski
Broad Ideas Childcare
  • Shawna Bauer
  • Mary Cord
  • Robyn Davis
  • Renee Dieschenborg
  • Sammi Digman
  • Delanney Durham
  • Megan Fecht
  • Kailey Foley
  • Linzy Freidlein
  • Noel Herrera-Garcia
  • Chloe Karberg
  • Trinity Law
  • Tori Luckey
  • Parker Mangler
  • Cath McDermott
  • Echo Taylor
  • Laura Walls
Broad Ideas HerStory
  • Jenni Ackerman
  • Stephanie Bussan
  • Kathy Doig
  • Mary Froelich
  • Lynn Giles
  • Cathy Harms
  • Deb Hyland
  • Shirley Jahncke
  • Darlene “Babe” Read
  • Nancy Schuldt
  • Martina (Marti) Slaughter
Broad Ideas HerStory
  • Ellen Whippo
  • Sandy Winge
  • Edith Wohlford
Broad Ideas Reception
  • Leila Anwar
  • Diane Banas
  • Al Elsbree
  • Alice Ericson
  • Peter Fraterdeus
  • Richard Hess
  • Nancy Hyman
  • Jan Lavacek
  • Patricia Lehnhardt
  • Brett Noble
  • Jay Nottrott
  • Bill Schuldt
  • Charlotte Stryker
  • Keith Thraen-Borowski
  • Karlyn Van Gelder
  • Janet Zehr
DeSoto House Hotel
Elizabeth Assisted Living
Freeport Art Museum
Galena Lions Club
Galena–Stauss Assisted Living
Pam Johnson
The League of Women Voters of Jo Daviess County
  • Sue Cording
  • Bonnie Cox
  • Peg Murphy
  • Kathy Pearson
Kathy Leonard
Paul and Nancy McMenamin
Night of a Dozen Roses Songwriters Showcase
  • Elizabeth Boggess
  • Karen Buechele
  • Pearl Breitbach
  • Theresa Cook
  • Robyn Davis
  • Melanie Devaney
  • Kara Gordon
  • Maureen Kilgore
  • Maureen Leytem
  • Kristina Marie
  • Jacquie Miller
  • Gladdy Ressler
  • Megan Roeth
  • Lenny Wayne
  • Ginny Yarbrough
Potosi Brewery 
Frances Rivoire
Rotary Club of Galena
The UPS Store
Judith Wehrle
Holly Werner
Andy Willis
James Wirth
Women of Courage & Commitment
  • Cathie Elsbree
  • Carmen Ferguson
  • Roberta Grenz
  • Laura Keyes
  • Deb Pausz
Lydia Zaya
Wish List

Spring in here!  We’re looking for a couple of people who would help design and care for our small flower garden area near the performance space doors. Please call Carole or Karen at  779-214-0261  for details.
If you need help signing up, just call 779-214-0261 and we can assist you.
Gallery Volunteers

Volunteering is good for the soul, and it really helps us to keep the gallery open four days a week.

This spring and summer season we are extending the hours to 11-4pm. There are two shifts, 11-1 and 1-4. Please check out the available dates, choose a shift that works for you, and fill out the information at the bottom of the page.

Don’t forget to click the “Sign up to volunteer” button. Thanks for all your valuable time and talents to share artwork with our visitors.
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