Newsletter for December 2018
Member trip to the Figge Museum in Davenport

Dear Friends,

Already the Holidays! Let us hope that the lessons taught of love and peace sink deep into all of our psyches, and that we can work together to create a safer, more beautiful world for everyone.

At the Center we offer many of our events, exhibits and programs free to the public, as we want the arts in all forms to be accessible to all people. As you know, we often have a donation jar available, but that covers only a very small part of our annual financial needs. We don’t want to always be asking for assistance, so we have only one major time each year chosen for our annual appeal. Soon, you may receive our annual photo collage, and a request for support. Please be generous. We couldn’t do all this without your help, both financial and in volunteer hours. You can also donate online, here:  Donate

We have been thrilled with the enthusiasm and feedback we have received for our monthly table reading series. December’s table reading Greetings is a play that I first fell in love with in the 1990s and always wanted to direct.  I hope you’ll attend, and help us to decide if we should create a full production of it some holiday season. I think you will love it.

In gratitude for all that we share,

Gallery hours: 1 – 4 pm, Thursday through Sunday
Figge Museum Member Trip
We had a great time on the member trip to the Figge Museum in Davenport and the Old City Gallery in Maquoketa. It was exciting to see several of our regional artists displayed at the Figge. We admired “What are You Waiting For” by Maureen Bardusk (which we could say we exhibited first at our Broad Ideas exhibit last Spring!), as well as artwork by Gail Chavenelle, Gerry Podraza, and Elizabeth Boggess. We are so proud of these wonderful artists.
“What are You Waiting For” by Maureen Bardusk
(l to r Kathy Leonard , Carole Sullivan, Jan Lavacek)
Art of the Native Peoples
through January 13, 2019 
When we started learning about the native culture in preparation for this exhibit we learned that traditionally Native Americans did not think of their beautifully crafted pottery, beadwork, or birchbark as art. Many pieces were made for ceremonial purposes, not decor, as we may now use them in our homes. We suggested finding native words to describe “art”. There were none. We have included a chart for the symbolism and artists statements to better understand this magnificent work. Don’t miss spending some time to read the process and the statement these artists are presenting. Many pieces are for sale.
Regional Artists Gallery
We love the diversity of art in this gallery. Currently we have some amazing needle felted pieces, stained glass mosaic, basketry and a rain stick inspired by Native American culture, a beautiful clay sculpture of a native woman with her papoose, and a fanciful iron sculpture of a figure with mirrors. Unique, one of a kind artwork, only available here!
Feature Gallery
We have been extremely fortunate to receive a donation from Sidney Miller of a number of paintings by the late Albert W Miller, which will be displayed in our feature gallery starting on December 1. Al and his wife Sidney lived in Galena for many years. A gifted and successful artist, he studied in Indiana and Illinois, along with Europe. He taught art, ran an advertising and public relations firm, and designed many homes. All in addition to the myriad of intriguing paintings he created throughout his lifetime. Many of the pieces we recently acquired are portraits of Galenians. Come see our friends—young and old.  

Click here for Albert Miller's Facebook page to view more of his artwork.
Work by Albert W. Miller
Help the Center while having holiday fun!
Galena Territory Holiday Housewalk
Saturday, December 1, 10 am - 4 pm
We send a resounding thank-you to Kathy Johnson, who has designated the Galena Center for the Arts to be her charity for donations from the Galena Territory Housewalk. The Holiday Housewalk features five homes in The Galena Territory decked out for the holidays. For the first time, the Holiday Housewalk will join forces with the Holiday Market to present a full day of fun and philanthropy. Gather up your friends and family on Dec. 1 and make your first stop the Galena Territory Association Owners’ Club, 2000 Territory Drive. Take some time to shop for gifts in the Social Hall and then purchase your tickets to the Housewalk in the Lounge. Homemade cookies and cider will be on the menu as you plan your drive through The Galena Territory to see five beautifully decorated homes.
Artist Animation in Living Windows
Saturday, December 8, 4 – 7 pm
The Center’s studio artists Chris Warner and Karen Wilson will be featured in Galena’s annual Living Windows event in two windows at 217 S. Main Street on December 8 from 4-7 pm. Chris will be painting on canvas and Karen will be embroidering. Refreshments will be offered to visitors by Patricia Lehnhardt. Stop by and enjoy Galena’s Night of Luminaria & Living Windows as the Center for the Arts presents artist animation at this holiday celebration!
Studio artist Chris Warner
December Table Reading 
Greetings , by Tom Dudzick
Tuesday, December 11, 7 pm
suggested donation $8
A warm-hearted holiday comedy that might also bring a tear,  Greetings!  introduces us to the Gorski family: Andy, his sweet Catholic mother, his sour Catholic father, and his handicapped brother named Mickey. When Andy brings his Jewish Atheist fiancée to meet the folks on Christmas Eve, all his worst fears about family blow-ups are realized. It takes Mickey to heal the family.
The Los Angeles Times wrote: “ Greetings ! is a wonderful, wacky look at how cleverly a mixture of Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Age philosophy can--in the right hands--flick on the electricity. Ted Otten, from the Times, describes it as “a warm, hilarious, touching and endearing visit to a family blessed with a miracle.” Don’t miss it!

Featuring Tom Resnick, Mimi Resnick, Mark Haman, Ben Jenkins, and Meggie Berning Jenkins.
Feeding the Arts
The Center has always been known for great appetizers and small sweets at our gallery opening receptions, soups and salads at Songwriters Showcase, and sweet treats at theatrical events.

We now have a cookbook you can purchase that includes many of these great recipes. Artists who exhibit in the galleries are featured with full color covers and divider pages, and line drawings incorporated on the recipe pages.

The price is $18 and all profits benefit Galena Center for the Arts. This cookbook is available in the gift shop at the Center and also at Piggly Wiggly. With the holiday season ahead, it makes the perfect gift and resource for all those recipes you will want to serve at your upcoming parties.
The Art of Giving
Holiday and special occasion cards, notecards, and small works of art are available in the gift shop, located next to the Special Exhibit Gallery.

Cozy felted hats, books by local authors, framed and unframed prints, pottery, metal sculptures, and cutting boards are just a few of the items that would make lovely gifts for your loved ones, or for you!

Your purchase of a unique gift helps both the artist and the Center.
Figure Drawing
Thursday afternoon
December 6, 13, and 20, 1:30 - 3:30 pm
Figure Drawing will take a winter break starting after December 20 through the end of February. The Spring sessions will start March 7.

Come join the fun. Drawing the human figure can be a very serious endeavor, and yet this group of artists always come up to the gallery from a session chatting and chuckling about how much they have enjoyed the experience. Maybe it’s all that pencil scratching heard by the models that releases the giggles when it’s over. 

Bring your own drawing materials and we’ll provide the models. $10 per session.
Sketch by Nick Majesky
Embroidery Circle
         Wednesday, 1 - 3 pm
(no meeting on December 26 or January 2)
Our weekly Embroidery Circle members have been finishing gifts and projects for the fall holidays. We will be meeting throughout the winter, so please join us if you would like to learn more about traditional hand embroidery. This group is open to all levels of hand embroiderers, including first-time stitchers!

For more information, call 779-214-0261 .
Christmas Stocking Embroidery by Jean Matthiessen
Yoga with Marion the Bubble Lady
Tuesdays, 10:00 - 11:30 am

(No Yoga on Christmas Day)

Volunteer of the Month - Cathy Harms
The Art Center's very popular radio shows--most recently “Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus”--are a delight, showcasing the talents and work of all the on-stage performers. But the shows would not be possible without the devotion and hard work of the director and all the other behind-the-scenes folk. One of these dedicated workers is Cathy Harms.
Cathy has worked on Christmas shows and the last “Thin Man,” coordinating props and sound effects; furthermore, with “Yes Virginia,” she assumed all the duties of stage manager as well. Among other jobs, these include keeping track of blocking, helping find costume pieces, and cuing the actors when to come on stage. Assistant Director Jenni Ackerman says, “Working with Cathy is a delight. She quietly steps in and assumes responsibility wherever it is needed—the ideal stage manager!”

Not that being around a stage is new for Cathy. She started out as a musician, playing the flute in elementary school and high school, then took it up again in 1990 when a flute player was needed in a quartet. She has continued playing, occasionally in church, and in Galena's annual Christmas concerts. Then, in 2001, she mentioned to husband Dan that she would like to play the fiddle. To her surprise and joy, he bought her a violin for Christmas. After taking some lessons, she became a regular in the Dubuque Community String Orchestra.

Along with being a musician, Cathy is known for her acting ability. Her segue into theater began when she took ARC lessons in modern dance and ballet from 1976 to 1980. In 1988, when Carole Sullivan asked her to dance in a tribute to George Gershwin, Cathy discovered that she loved being on stage. Going into acting was a natural step. She performed with Main Street Players, and was their business manager for ten years beginning in 1995. She has portrayed characters in Galena's annual Cemetery Walk, most recently Mrs. Bertha Moser Stryker. With the Women of Courage and Commitment, she joined “Tea with the Duchess” as Susan Hempstead Gratiot, and for the Center for the Arts' October Table Reading, she took the part of Molly in “Old Love.”

Cathy seems to delight in all her various activities, on stage and off. We are lucky to have her as such an inspiring contributor to Galena and to the Center.
Click on image to visit website
Outside the Lines Art Gallery

Congratulations to Connie Twining and Stormy Mochal, owners of Outside the Lines Art Gallery, on celebrating fifteen years of selling art in the Tri-States.   The mission of Outside the Lines is to offer high quality handmade items at affordable prices. Selling art is not easy, and we especially appreciate all they have done for regional artists, as well as their support for the Galena Center for the Arts.
Looking Ahead
Nature Writing: Discovering Your Personal Landscape Workshop

January 12, 8:30 am – 12 pm
Dr. Kevin Koch will teach a free workshop which blends recollective memory exercises, on-the-spot composing, and advice on writing style to enhance your ability to describe the places important to you.

Please click below to register: 

This workshop is a part of the Fifth Annual Galena Lit Fest in association with the Galena Public Library. It will be held in the performance space of the Center.
Mark your calendar for the return of Songwriters Showcase on January 17
There is no Songwriters Showcase in December, but mark your calendars for an amazing collaboration on January 17, when Jim Post and Scott Guthrie will join forces in song.
Scott Guthrie
Jim Post
(Spoiler alert: Mark Twain won't
be part of the program.)
Portrait by Jim Lehnhardt
Created in Figure Drawing Workshop
January Table Reading

Mark your calendars for January 22 for a reading of The Lion in Winter directed by Ronn Toebaas.

Sibling rivalry, adultery, and dungeons---a modern day classic.
Hearts for the Arts
February 2, 2019
Save the date to select beautifully handcrafted cards for your Valentine, enjoy sweet treats, and meet many of the artists.
Mark that new calendar!

Broad Ideas will return in 2019 with these events

March 1: Opening reception, art exhibit

March 12: Silent Sky , a table reading

March 21: Songwriters Showcase with all Women Songwriters

March 31: Closing event, the Spoken Word
Studio Space Available

Looking for a room of your own for your art projects?

Need a place to display your art?

Want to be involved with a community of artists? 

Consider renting one of the art studios at the Center. 

Email Pat at:

for a tour and details.
All River Road Talent hosts a monthly art drive the first weekend of each month. All River Road Talent is a synergy of artists building a cultural and visitor awareness of artistic talent in the Galena region of NW IL. December ARRT tour dates are 1 and 2.
Thank You!
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  • Cathy Carlson
  • Paul Chase
  • Mary Cinto
  • Lilly Dickerson
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  • Jean Dregne
  • Janet Eggleston
  • Al and Cathie Elsbree
  • Galena Women’s Poetry Guild
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  • Mark and Sheila Haman
  • Dick and Joan Harmet
  • Richard Hess
  • Lenore Howard
  • Terri Jackman
  • Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation
  • Jo Daviess County Sheriff’s Department
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  • Brad Petersburg
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  • Joan Raymond
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  • Barbara Sprague
  • Leslie Waltman
  • Ginni Yarbrough
  • Janet Zehr
Wish List

  • Flat Screen TV for Alfie Mueller Video Room
  • Paper Shredder

If you need help signing up, just call 779-214-0261 and we can assist you.
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