Newsletter for February 2018

The Center for the Arts has had a wonderful start to the new year! We are incredibly grateful for all the gifts sent to us in response to our annual appeal, and also for the gifts and benefits we have received from Poopsie’s  Stop and Shop ,’s  Masquer-Aid Ball , and the up-coming  Hearts for the Arts . It was our great pleasure to collaborate with the young artists from Galena High School to hold the Bowl Full of Hope  event, from which we were able to give a gift of $1,415 to the Galena Food Pantry. We also had good fun at our annual “clean-up, fix-up, paint-up” day. With the help of enthusiastic volunteers, we managed to clean and re-organize the galley kitchen, paint three studios, and completely paint and renovate the gift shop. We think you’ll like these improvements!
We have lots of plans for 2018, and will be adding two special events to our already busy schedule of exhibits and programming. On June 16, we will have a Chalk Arts Festival in our lower parking lot, and on Labor Day weekend we will debut Art That Stands Out in its Field—SCARECROWS!  Keep your eyes open for ways to get involved in these events.
Hope to see you soon!

Bowl Full of Hope Magical Masquer-Aid Ball,  and  Clean-up, Fix-up, Paint-up Day
combined to make a busy and
rewarding January for the Center
A Feast for the Eye, Food in the Arts
Continues through February 4, 2018
A Feast for the Eye, Food in the Arts continues for one more weekend. We have functional and beautiful pottery, paintings and photographs of food, baskets and wooden bowls to store and serve fruit and such, cutting boards to prepare food, and more.

The gallery is open 1-4 pm, Thursday through Sunday.
Hearts for the Arts 
Saturday, February 3, 1–4 pm

Love is in the air! A beautiful array of handmade cards and artwork by local artists will be available to purchase at the Center.

This special new event, with a $3 donation for admission, is a delightful discovery of the talent and generosity of the wonderful Jo Daviess County  community.

All artwork, cards, and sweet treats have been donated and all proceeds will be used to further our mission of elevating and celebrating the arts and artists.
Come for a fun afternoon to purchase a card for your sweetie, enjoy punch and cookies, chat with your friends, and fall in love with art.
Women of the Americas
by Janet Checker
Opening Reception February 9, 5-7 pm

The exhibit runs from February 9 through April 8, regular gallery hours of 1–4 pm, Thursday through Sunday.
Women of the Americas is a series of paintings Janet Checker, a long-time Galena resident, has been working on for the last three years.

Seventeen paintings will be shown in our Special Exhibit Gallery from February 9 through April 8 in a solo exhibition.

The paintings are depictions of indigenous women from both North and South America in native dress and place in society.

Janet Checker
The Galleries  will reopen February 1, to continue our regular winter schedule of Thursday through Sunday 1–4 pm, after a short break to clean and paint and renovate. The gift shop has been freshly painted and reorganized. We have new gifts to discover. 
Regional Artists Gallery
Regional Artists Gallery
Feature Gallery
The Feature Gallery celebrates Dwight and Sally Bischel’s life in art with watercolors, acrylics, and photographs.
Feature Gallery - Paintings and photography by Sally and Dwight Bischel
Artists Circle
The Artists Circle is lined with work of our nine studio artists. We have two freshly painted studios available to rent. Give us a call 779-214-0261 if you are interested.
Feeding the Arts
Our illustrated cookbook has been a great success! Celebrating food and art is always a good thing, and it has brought us the benefit of continuing our mission to bring art to the community. Thank you!

It never goes out of style—a gift for yourself, birthdays, Valentine's Day, or the perfect hostess gift. 
Available for $18 in our gift shop, Piggly Wiggly, Galena Wine and Cheese, Grateful Gourmet. Whispering Winds at Midwest Medical Center, and Prairie Ridge Gallery.
Upcoming Events
Songwriters Showcase features
Bryce Reeg
February 15 at 7 pm
Songwriter Bryce Reeg is 24 years old, and was raised in Bellevue, IA. He picked up the guitar when he was 12 and started singing and playing acoustic gigs when he was 16, which ultimately became his job to the current day.

His original music bounces back and forth between the realms of folk and blues. Inspirations on the folk end: Steve Goodman, Arlo Guthrie, and Dylan. On the blues side of the spectrum, he pulls heavily from musicians like SRV, Gary Clark Jr, Lightnight Hopkins and many more.
As always, there is no charge for the Songwriters Showcase, but we do appreciate a donation. Join us for a great night of music!
Sunday Salon, Cadenza!
February 18, 2 pm
In the fall of 2012, the Dubuque Chorale added a chamber choir called Dubuque Chorale Cadenza.  This mixed-voice group of 16-24 select singers, directed by Bob Demaree, performs for community service organizations and other community events, as well as a part of regular Chorale concerts.
Cadenza will be performing its first full concert in the area at the Galena Center for the Arts on February 18, at 2 pm. Selections will range from classical works by Monteverdi and Palestrina, to arrangements of folk music and musical comedy, to modern works by composers such as Richard Hundley and Randy Newman, among others.
 For more information go to , or call  779-214-0261 . Seating is limited; there is no charge for the concert, but a good-will donation will be collected.
We would like to recognize Paul Eshelman, who has pottery at the Center, for his inclusion in the 2018 Smithsonian Craft Show in April. For more information - Smithsonian Craft Show 2018
All River Road Talent hosts a monthly art drive the first weekend of each month. All River Road Talent is a synergy of artists building a cultural and visitor awareness of artistic talent in the Galena region of NW IL. Febr uary ARRT tour dates are 3 & 4.
Your Opinion Matters
Please consider sending a review of a performance or exhibit that you have attended to:
or to any other of the travel guides.

We need your help to let guests to Galena know that we're here, and to plan on visiting us.
Artist's Studio
  Upcoming Participation Activities
Figure Drawing
Figure Drawing i s still on hiatus, but will resume Thursday afternoons at 1:30–3:30 pm starting on March 1.

Mark your calendars and sharpen your pencils! $10 per session.

If you are interested in modeling, give us a call:  779-214-0261 .
Sketch by James Lehnhardt
Yoga with Marion the Bubble Lady
Tuesday at 10:00-11:30 am
Except February 27
Lower level of the Center

Mindful Yoga with Kate Miller
Wednesday at 4:30-5:30 pm
Lower level of the Center

This ongoing class integrates mindfulness with yoga and breath-work.
Participants are guided in basic Hatha Yoga postures to their capacity while maintaining moment to moment awareness, utilizing the breath to enhance flexibility, exploring boundaries and limits in a gentle and caring way. Each class ends with deep relaxation.
Volunteer of the Month - Leslie Waltman
I have the best job at the Center for the Arts. I get to talk to incredibly talented, dedicated and interesting volunteers and then write something for the newsletter that, hopefully, reflects who they are. When Carole asked me to be a Volunteer of the Month, my first reaction was “Me? You're kidding!” However, since I am a volunteer and I do love the arts, I'll give it a try.

When I was young, I could usually be found with either a book or a pencil in my hand. In high school, I was allowed to create large, colored chalk drawings on our living room wall. I recall pumpkins for Thanksgiving and angels at Christmas, which shows how creative my thinking was. That I was permitted, even encouraged, to deface a perfectly good wall now seems extraordinary to me, but, since my dad worked for Glidden Paint, perhaps all the drawing and then washing off was a cheap way to test the wall paint's endurance.

In college, I majored in art, but in the midst of my junior year, I had an epiphany. When the art faculty exhibited their own work in a special show, I suddenly realized that I knew absolutely nothing about art. My sculpture professor's work looked—to my naive eyes—liked squashed potatoes, and my painting prof's canvases were all covered with gray sludge. The next day I changed my major to literature

During the lifetime that followed, along with grading thousands of essays and term papers by mostly bored college students, I've been a dabbler in painting, interior design, music, photography, and writing poetry and prose--but mostly I've been an appreciator. I still am—which is why I value the Center for the Arts so much.

In the years that my husband Dennis and I have been visiting and then living in Galena, I have been amazed and delighted at the range and quality of the art created here.

Thanks to Carole Sullivan, Jan Lavacek, and the dedicated volunteers they have inspired, the Center has become a focus of much of that artistic talent. Every time I watch a new radio show, listen to the musicians, hear a lecture or see a new exhibit, I am astonished at and grateful for all the Center offers. And did I mention that the people are great? What more could a dabbler and an appreciator ask for?
Heads-up for Events in the Works
Broad Ideas!
Six week show opening March 2, 2018

Broad Ideas is an Art Show that celebrates women! Join us for this dynamic exhibit and the exciting related events. For more info, visit .
Where Honeybees Thrive
March 4, 2 pm
Heather Swan, the author of the acclaimed new book Where Honeybees Thrive , published by Penn State University Press, will talk about her research on honeybees around the world, and finding hope in these imperiled creatures.  March 4, 2 pm.
Thank You!
  • Carol Baumann
  • Carol Bell
  • Deb Bertucci
  • Elizabeth Boggess
  • Fred Bonnet
  • Kristina Castenada
  • Paul Chase
  • DeSoto House Hotel
  • Angela DeVere
  • Jay Dickerson
  • Jacquie & Wayne Dyrke
  • Janet Eggleston
  • Cathie & Al Elsbree
  • Fallon Portrait Design
  • Jo Freund
  • Fried Green Tomatoes
  • Mark & Sheila Haman
  • Dick Harmet
  • Richard Hess
  • Lenny Wayne Hosey
  • Heather Houzenga
  • Al Jirkovsky
  • Amanda Kevern
  • Bridget Knasiak
  • Tammy Lee
  • Life’s A Feast Caterers
  • Angela & Carolyn Linton-Canfield
  • Harry Lunde
  • Nancy & Paul McMenamin
  • Sidney Miller
  • P.T. Murphy
  • Hesper Nowatzki
  • Stephanie O’Shaughnessy
  • Fallon Doyle Oldenburg
  • Otto’s
  • Emily Painter
  • Les Penoyer
  • Piggly Wiggly
  • Poopsie's
  • Charlene Price
  • Craig Raymon
  • Jon Scoles
  • Diane Siese
  • John Slimp
  • Alana Turner
  • Chris Warner
  • Mary Weck
  • Mike Wendelken
  • Sandy Winge
  • Christopher Wydra
Remember our hours have now changed to 1–4 pm, with only one shift per day. If you need help signing up, just call 779-214-0261 and we can assist you.
Gallery Volunteers

are always needed, and we are so grateful for your help.

There are a couple dates left in February and March is now available.

Check out this calendar to sign up. It’s only one shift in our winter hours, 1–4 pm—and we now have music! 
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