Newsletter for March 2018
Some of the many pieces of Artwork from the Broad Ideas! exhibit

 How rich we are!
Today, to fill out a grant proposal, Karen (our office manager) and I needed to count up the number of hours that people had volunteered at the Center in the last year. Our many talented volunteers did everything from planting flowers, ushering, stuffing envelopes, selling tickets, painting walls, creating a newsletter, welcoming guests, updating our website; cooking and baking delicious treats for openings and meals for Songwriters...and so much more!

We counted almost 5000 volunteer hours…and we know we missed many. The fact is that a community of art lovers and artists keeps the Center for the Arts afloat.
Thank you!
Please join us to celebrate the opening of Broad Ideas! on March 2, from 5-7 pm.

Women of the Americas
Janet Checker
Continues throughout March

Janet Checker’s solo exhibition will continue throughout the month of March, ending on April 8th. Seventeen large oil paintings depict women in North and South America in their native dress. The history of the dress and culture is displayed on a plaque next to each painting. It’s a very impressive body of work and delightful to see them together in one room. For more information click here
Broad Ideas!
Six week show opening March 2, 2018
Broad Ideas! is an Art Show that celebrates women! Join us for this dynamic exhibit and the exciting related events.

More information on these events can be found a t
Regional Artists Gallery

Lots of new artwork is exhibited in our gallery. Watercolors, pastels, pottery, stone carvings, baskets, and photographs are just a few of the mediums used. The gallery is open Thursday through Sunday 1–4 pm.
Regional Artists Gallery
Feature Gallery
The Sally and Dwight Bischel exhibit will remain in the feature gallery for a few more weeks.
Feature Gallery - Paintings and photography by Sally and Dwight Bischel
At the end of March we will have a new young artist represented, Joseph Bartch. His favorite thing to do is draw--especially anything to do with football. Stop by to see his work, and encourage a budding artist. 
Artists Circle
The Artists Circle is lined with work of our nine studio artists. We have two freshly painted studios available to rent. Give us a call 779-214-0261 if you are interested.
Upcoming Events
Where Honeybees Thrive
presentation by Heather Swan
March 4, 2 pm
Heather Swan, the author of the acclaimed new book Where Honeybees Thrive , published by Penn State University Press, will talk about her research on honeybees around the world, and finding hope in these imperiled creatures. March 4, 2 pm.
Heather Swan, who grew up in Galena, received her MFA in poetry and Her PhD in English and Environmental Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is a poet, scholar, artist, and creative nonfiction writer. Her research interests include animal studies, climate fiction, eco-poetry, environmental justice, education of the senses, public humanities, and creativity. She is also a beekeeper.
Kim Blaeser
Wisconsin Poet Laureate
March 11, 2 pm

Our March 11 Broad Ideas! event features Wisconsin Poet Laureate Kim Blaeser’s work in ekphrastic poetry, photography, and a form she calls picto-poems—intersecting layers of text and image inspired by Native American pictographs and ledger art. Blaeser will perform the poems, visually present the art images, and discuss the examples of this new creative project. The program begins at 2 PM, and it is free.
Kimberly Blaeser is a writer, photographer, and scholar. She is the author of three poetry collections—most recently  Apprenticed to Justice ; and the editor of  Traces in Blood, Bone, and Stone: Contemporary Ojibwe Poetry.  She served as Wisconsin Poet Laureate for 2015-16.  A Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, she teaches Creative Writing and Native American Literature. Blaeser also serves on the faculty for the Institute of American Indian Arts low res MFA program in Santa Fe.

 More information on these events can be found a t
Songwriters Showcase features
A Night of a Dozen Roses
March 15, 6-9 pm
For this event, that involves all women performers, we have put together an exciting show of twelve   local women singer/songwriters, many who have performed here at the Galena Center  for the Arts  as part of the  Songwriters Showcase  in the past and are now excited to be returning along with several new talented performers and their songs.

It's going to be a music experience like no evening filled with laughter, tears, and music full of heart and soul.

Free childcare available onsite.

 More information on these events can be found a t
As always, there is no charge for the Songwriters Showcase, but we do appreciate a donation. Join us for a great night of music!
Popcorn & Program
Movie Ancient America
presentation by Phil Millhouse
March 16, 7 to 8:30 pm
This popcorn and program event, sponsored by the Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation, features the movie Ancient America by award-winning producer/director Gray Warriner of Camera One productions, about the indigenous people who first settled eastern North America, including northwestern Illinois.  To read the complete article click here

The event is free to attend and complimentary popcorn will be served. Seating may be limited and will be first come, first served.
Women's Herstory Night!
March 18, 6 pm
On March 18, starting at 6 PM, enjoy an evening of learning and empowerment, with a performance from Galena's Women of Courage & Commitment, and a presentation of inspiring stories of local women we know.

We will also hear an update from Bonnie Cox, president of the Illinois League of Women Voters, and have the opportunity to register to vote.
Debbie Pausz, Cathie Elsbree, and Carmen Ferguson
More information on these events can be found a t
Experience Deep Relaxation
Yoga Nidra
March 22, 7-8:30 pm
Join Kate Miller, RYT, for
a Yoga Nidra Practice, complemented with aromatherapy, upstairs in the Centers' Special Exhibit Gallery.

The evening will begin with gentle, mindful movement along with essential oils to complement poses.

Participants will then be guided through a Yoga Nidra meditation. All are welcome to participate, no yoga experience necessary.

Arrive with an open heart, comfy clothes, yoga mat, pillow, and blanket.
Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation with profound effects on the body and the mind. It renews the physical body and releases the mind of unconscious obstacles and energetic blocks, effortlessly. It is practiced by laying on the back or seated in a comfortable chair.
Participants are guided through a series of breath, body and awareness techniques moving the mind from an ordinary waking state to a deep meditative alpha or theta state of awareness. Remaining in this sleep-like state, while staying fully awake and aware, promotes new energy, physical and mental stress melt away. It is a wonderful practice for anyone. No meditation experience is necessary.

More information on these events can be found a t
Spoken Word
closing event
April 08, 6 pm

All good things must come to an end. Join us for an evening of Spoken Word as we celebrate the conclusion of this show and it's future possibilities.

Spoken Word performances by a collection of female performers.
We would like to recognize Karen Wilson, our Office Manager and one of our studio artists, for inclusion of her whitework embroidered “Stars & Stripes” course project sampler in the 2017 commemorative publication of  Embroidery at the Palace, 30 Years of the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace.

Karen has been a student at the Royal School of Needlework in England since 2013 when she received her Certificate degree.

She will be awarded a Diploma degree after completion of two more courses.
All River Road Talent hosts a monthly art drive the first weekend of each month. All River Road Talent is a synergy of artists building a cultural and visitor awareness of artistic talent in the Galena region of NW IL. March ARRT tour dates are 3 & 4.
Your Opinion Matters
Please consider sending a review of a performance or exhibit that you have attended to:
or to any other of the travel guides.

We need your help to let guests to Galena know that we're here, and to plan on visiting us.
Artist's Studio
Figure Drawing

Sessions will start up again on Thursday after-noons. The first session is March 1, 1:30-3:30 pm.

Bring your own supplies and we will provide a live model from which to draw. $10 per session. No long term sign up. Come as often as you can.  

If you are interested in modeling, give us a call:  779-214-0261 .
Painting by Denise Faith
Yoga with Marion the Bubble Lady
Tuesday at 10:00-11:30 am
Lower level of the Center

Mindful Yoga with Kate Miller
Wednesday at 4:30-5:30 pm
Lower level of the Center

This ongoing class integrates mindfulness with yoga and breath-work.
Participants are guided in basic Hatha Yoga postures to their capacity while maintaining moment to moment awareness, utilizing the breath to enhance flexibility, exploring boundaries and limits in a gentle and caring way. Each class ends with deep relaxation.
Volunteers of the Month
Linda Yutmeyer Dupasquier
and Glee Biderback
“Scatter joy” is the motto of this month's volunteers, Linda and Glee. In both their individual artwork and their joint projects, they do just that. This “dynamic duo” are the organizers of the very successful “Hearts for the Arts” sale of handmade cards and Valentine-related artwork at the Center for the Arts in February. The proceeds from the sale were all donated to the Center. The project accomplished their goal of spreading joy: the pleasure of the many creators of the cards and gifts, the delight of the buyers and the lucky recipients, and the benefit to the Center for the Arts.

Linda's and Glee's friendship and their first “Hearts” project began in the Galena Library. The first president of the Friends of the Library, Linda first came up with the idea of “Hearts & Art,” as it was called then, in 1996, as fundraiser. Glee joined in enthusiastically, and both their partnership and the project were born. They continued organizing, enlisting the help of other artists, and contributing their own handmade cards to “Hearts & Art” at the library for seven years.

As interest has grown and they have gained a following, they have also created “Hearts” events for other community groups. They have had a special “Glee and Linda Party” at Fried Green Tomatoes, which included a meal, and developed shows for Mothers' Day and for gardening. This year was the first such event at the Center for the Arts, but, if we are lucky, it won't be the last.

Though their skills at organizing these events and in recruiting other artists to contribute to them are formidable, they are both also accomplished, self-trained artists. Their cards and other artworks they make are beautiful and very creative. Linda grew up sewing and has always loved doing anything creative. She especially enjoys working in the graphic arts, such as designing and printing posters. Her stunning photography is featured on some of her cards.

Glee enjoys decorative furniture painting, and has contributed one of her chairs to the Humane Society. She has designed windows for downtown stores and created wreaths out of unusual materials. Recently she has been painting Celtic designs on branches and experimenting with tea bag art. She is always coming up with something new.

This winter after a snowfall, without telling each other, both Glee and Linda went out to photograph hearts in the fluffy snow. It's just one instance of how these two, though not related by blood, are truly sisters of the heart.
Heads-up for Events in the Works
  “The Adventures of the Thin Man”
Tickets for the next show in “The Adventures of the Thin Man” radio series, appropriately named  Another Thin Man,  will go on sale on April 1 .

Watch eight actors play over thirty roles to solve the “whodunit”.

Relive the golden days of old-time radio as part of the “studio audience” for this radio mystery comedy, complete with period costumes, live music, sound effects, and radio jingles for our sponsors.
Thank You!
  • Jim Baranski
  • Catherine Basten
  • Carol Bell
  • Glee and Ken Bilderback
  • Elizabeth Boggess
  • Mary Bronson
  • Paul Chase
  • Judy Doebler
  • Cathy Dorwick
  • Cathie Elsbree
  • Linda Yutmeyer Dupasquier
  • Jacquie and Wayne Dyrke
  • Jo Freund
  • Lynn Gaber
  • Richard Hess
  • Sue Jirkovsky
  • Patricia Lehnhardt
  • Kathy Leonard
  • Rose Lorenzen
  • Mary Jo Losey
  • Celeste Mancini
  • Linda Martin
  • Charissa McAuliff
  • Nancy McDevitt
  • Lois Mihok
  • Sheri Mill
  • Kate Miller
  • Liz Mitchell
  • Linda Morden
  • Rose Noble
  • Jen Nottrott
  • Sue Oefelein
  • Emily Painter
  • Mary Pickett
  • Carol Powers
  • Charlene Price
  • Judy Rowett
  • Nancy Schuldt
  • Mary Jane Schweihs
  • Laura Scoles
  • Irene Thraen-Borowski
  • Chris Warner
  • Kathy Winkelhake
If you need help signing up, just call 779-214-0261 and we can assist you.
Gallery Volunteers

With all the beautiful and interesting artwork in our galleries, and exciting events, we always need help to staff the gallery welcoming guests and making sales.

March dates are almost filled and April dates just came up on the website. We will be extending the hours with two shifts starting with the new exhibit, Collaborations on April 12: 11–1 pm and 1–4 pm.

After selecting the times you wish to staff the gallery, don’t forget to click the button on the bottom: “Sign up to volunteer”. Thank you!
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