"Happy Galena Spring"
by Paul Chase
Hello dear friends,

The Arts will survive. How many of us during this unsettling time have turned to art to take us to another world? To pass the time and to try to make sense of our situation, we have read books, listened to music, indulged in movies and TV, watched videos of stage plays, read and written poems, studied and created paintings, puzzles and games. None of these things would exist without artists, and we need them all.  Yes, the Arts will survive, but many of the arts organizations may not make it without help.

The Galena Center for the Arts should be in the midst of our busiest season right now. One of our goals is to bring people together through the arts, and we have succeeded with our welcoming and well attended exhibit openings, and by bringing enthusiastic audiences together for plays and music. But for the time being, it is a new world where bringing people together is dangerous. Sadly, we have had to cancel everything at least through June, and we will be impacted for no one knows how long. Our earned income since March and for the next few months will be close to zero, but like any other business, we still need to pay for utilities, insurance and keeping the gallery up, even if it is closed. Not a recipe for survival.

I urge everyone to support the Arts in whatever way they can. One way or another, the Center will continue to share the Arts and support the artists. This is an opportunity for us to master new technology, and we will be producing virtual performances and art exhibits as we learn.

The Arts have a role to play in helping us understand this new world. It’s hard now, but artists are incredibly creative, and will figure out a means of sharing their work. We look forward to celebrating art in its many forms to uplift you now and in the future.
Our hope is that you will stay safe, and well.

Thank You to
Our Corporate Sponsors
As we complete another fiscal year at the end of May, we want to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to our major corporate sponsors during our seven years of operation. We have received generous corporate donations to sponsor musical and theatrical performances, as well as our annual Broad Ideas event, the summer ChalkFest events, our Youth Art Festivals, and other special events. We are indebted to business leaders in each of the following organizations for helping us fulfill our mission to elevate and celebrate the Arts and regional artists. In addition to the names below, we also thank all our annual Corporate Membership subscribers and other corporate donors who have contributed to many of our events and programs.
  • Baranski Hammer Moretta & Sheehy  
  • Big Bill’s Sandwich Shop
  • Blaum Bros. Distilling Co.
  • BNSF Railway
  • Chestnut Mountain Resort
  • DeSoto House Hotel
  • Dupaco Community Credit Union
  • Exact Pest Solutions
  • First Community Bank of Galena
  • Freeport Art Museum
  • Galena Artist Guild
  • Galena Country Fair 
  • Galena Foundation
  • Galena Gazette
  • Galena Lion’s Club
  • Illinois Bank & Trust
  • Jail Hill Inn 
  • Jo Daviess County Convention and Visitors Bureau 
  • McGraw Hill Education
  • Northern Illinois Wine Growers
  • Scout (The Magazine)
  • US Bank
  • Woodbine Bend Golf Course
Our galleries are closed until further notice.
Eclectic Mix:
A solo exhibit by Barbara Heitzman

The opening reception for this show was scheduled for March 13th. We were all nervous about asking people to gather as the time drew near. A few people came that evening to see the exhibit, but then the Center was closed on Saturday the 14th. Here are a few of the paintings in the exhibit.

We are posting images of Barbara’s work on our FaceBook page also.

Julien's Oak Tree
Cornfield at Dusk
Above the Waterfall
White Hydrangeas
Iris Garden
Beyond the Edges
Oil and cold wax
Barbara Heitzman, a celebrated, award-winning artist and founder of Plein Air Painters of Dubuque, is a retired teacher of Expressive Arts and Creative Drama.
Broad Ideas was meant to be up for only the month of March, but this amazing exhibit of women’s work still graces the lower level space. We wish that you could see all of it, and read all the stories that go with the artwork. Here are a few examples from the exhibit.
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then scroll down to see more works of art.

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Regional Artists Gallery
Diverse artwork is represented in our gallery—photographs, paintings, drawings, pottery, sculpture. Some are very whimsical, some are serious and haunting, some are functional and beautiful at the same time. 

A few pieces in our gallery at the current time—for your eyes only…
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then scroll down to see more works of art.

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Web Links for Regional Artists
Many artists have embraced technology and would like to share their websites, newsletters, and Facebook pages.

Here are a few of them:

Jenna Lueke:   Website Newsletter   FaceBook

Janet Checker:  Website

Mackenzie Witman: FaceBook  

Sandra Principe:  Website

Our website also has artists profiles if you had not had a chance to peruse it in the past.

​​ Regional Visual Artists
In the Studio
What some of our artists do in isolation!
Richard Hess has been busy playing in the studio.
As Richard likes to say,
"One size fits all."
With no urgent demands, the stock continues to grow and the freedom to just play around increases. When the weather permits, he has been firing. (He and Elizabeth do all of their firings outside so they have to have an assurance of no rain for the day).

Once the finished shoes have all been glazed and raku fired...brought up to 1750 degrees, then removed from the kiln at that temperature, and put into a can of newspaper and sawdust, the lid goes on the can and of a kind shoes.

These are decorative pieces...perfect by your front door or under a coffee table.
Glee Bilderback is making her beautiful cards in the studio. She enjoys exploring new techniques—her new love is alcohol inks.
Carol Mantey has been exploring new subjects and working on a series of animals that may go extinct. The first animal she did was an elephant. It is still in greenware form and has not yet been bisque fired. She is also exploring the human face, some with leaves and ferns, a continuing theme in her work.
Songwriters Showcase
Songwriters Showcase is cancelled for May, but we thought you might enjoy this funny song about being “drunk and disgusting” from our Marcus Bovre tribute concert, sung by Lenny Wayne Hosey, Scott Guthrie, Robyn Davis, and Ted Williams.

We miss all these artists so much, and look forward to hearing the new work that they will be composing during this difficult time.
"Drunk and Disgusting"
by Marques Bovre, at the Galena Center for the Arts
Video production by Jan Lavacek
Sunday Salon
We will have no Sunday Salon in May, but thought you might find it interesting to see what one of our past Sunday Salon performers is doing during isolation. David Resnick, who is the director at NISOM in Dubuque, has been working on educational videos about music. Here’s one to share with your kids and grandkids about playing the clarinet, created for the Dubuque Symphony’s kids page.
Summit Street Singers
Fever River Voices
This month we bid a fond farewell to Kent Parry, who with his wife Vivian, has moved to Florida to be closer to family. Kent was instrumental in starting and directing the Summit Street Singers and Fevre River Voices this year. They will be sadly missed, and we wish them good luck in their new home in the South.

In the meanwhile, our choruses are on hiatus until it is safe to sing together again. Rest assured that we will sing when this is all over, and that anyone who is now a paid member of the group will be considered a paid member for the first year we are back to singing. .
If you are a Stephen Sondheim fan view, “Take Me to the World,” a celebration for Stephen Sondheim’s 90th birthday. A cavalcade of illustrious performers participate with Sondheim songs, each from their own place of isolation. Even without sets, without costumes, his amazing songs and these phenomenal singers are incredible.

Andrea McArdle, Ana Gasteyer, Mo Rocca, Sarah Jessica Parker and more sing
Tomorrow. Together.
THE CAST of Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance have put together a special lockdown routine designed to lift spirits while paying tribute to frontline workers.
If you enjoy Irish dance listen and view the dancers in isolation.

One Day More

Corona Parody

View and listen.

Sites that you might visit to
improve your time “in shelter.”
While we have been sheltering at home, we have engaged in research into online resources so that you can stay connected with the arts. We have several lists below. Please check them out, share them with friends, and let us know which ones are particularly valuable or inspiring. We will continue to share resources as we find them.

Click on the Dubuque Museum of Art logo to view a video that features the Old Jail Gallery by Arthur Geisert, who lived in Galena for many years.
The Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art is a place that fuels creativity, ignites minds, and provides inspiration. With extraordinary exhibitions and the world's finest collection of modern and contemporary art, MoMA is dedicated to the conversation between the past and the present, the established and the experimental. Their mission is helping you understand, enjoy, and use the art of our time.

Click on the MoMA logo to view free classes about modern art.
2,500 Museums You Can Now Visit Virtually

If youʼre feeling hungry for art while youʼre stranded at home, here are our 12 selections out of 2,500 world class museums and galleries that are now offering virtual tours and online collections. Click on the image.
Non-profits collaborate to give back to their Community
The Galena Center for the Arts, a (501c3), partnered with The Galena Chamber of Commerce as a (501c6) to be able to qualify to pass out funding from a $5,000 Grant Funding by the Freeport Community Foundation and the United Way of Illinois!

This grant program allows the Chamber to purchase gift cards for essential items from Chamber Member businesses. Then, business owners can nominate their employees in need to receive them.

The deadline to nominate employees is May 5 th at 5 pm. This program will help 150 local employees in need. If you are a Chamber member, please sen ​d  those nominations to the Galena Chamber of Commerce.
Halloween Poster Contest

The Galena Area Chamber of Commerce is commissioning
an annual Halloween Parade Poster to be launched this year!

The poster will be used as a fundraiser for the Chamber.
Information for Submissions:
Format 15” x 17” original work in color, any medium, matted.

Main Subject:
The Galena Area Chamber of Commerce Halloween Parade

  • Artwork should have no text on the poster except for a right bottom signature, as the Chamber will add their own title, date, etc. to the bottom for consistency.

  • Artists name, address, email and telephone number must be submitted on a separate page with the artwork.

  • Artist gives all rights of the winning artwork to the Galena Area Chamber of Commerce. (The original must be signed in ink as it will be auctioned off.)

  • Winning artist will receive a $250 prize, as well as an unveiling reception and social media marketing.

  • The contest entry deadline is May 31st, 2020. All artwork should be mailed to: Galena Chamber of Commerce, 412 S. Main Street, Galena, IL 61036

  • A winner will be chosen in mid June. The Galena Center for the Arts will be creating a display for the submissions and then they will be returned to the artists.

  • If you have any questions, please direct them to Angela Devere (Executive Director) Galena Area Chamber of Commerce.

Figure Drawing
Postponed until it's safe
Cancelled for May
All River Road Talent hosts a monthly art drive the first weekend of each month. All River Road Talent is a synergy of artists building a cultural and visitor awareness of artistic talent in the Galena region of Northwest Illinois.
We continue to wish you good health
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