Newsletter for October
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Our “Small Art – Big Impact” fundraiser was a great success. Many thanks to the 68 artists who donated original artwork, and to the many people who came to purchase small treasures. For those who couldn’t make it that day, we still have artwork for sale from “Small Art – Big Impact” in the Feature Gallery at the Center. Stop by to check it out.
We are delighted to welcome three new corporate members: Best of Galena (Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers of Galena), Blaum Bros. Distilling Co., and Outside the Lines Art Gallery. We have also received 61 new personal memberships so far this year from individuals and families in California, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, New Jersey and Wisconsin. Thank you for joining us in support of the Arts and artists in our Tri-State area!

We bid a fond farewell to Laura Scoles, who is moving to Des Moines. Laura has participated in event committees, planted flowers, been the “Dessert Queen” for Singer Songwriter Showcases, and has created art and appetizers for many opening night celebrations. We’ll miss her tremendously, and wish her all the best in her new community!

Wishing you a beautiful start to the fall season!
Gallery Hours: Thursday through Sunday
11 am – 4 pm

Gallery Hours will change October 31
to our
Fall-Winter Schedule of 1—4 pm Thursday through Sunday
Fashionable Art
Through October 26
“Art influenced by fashion” and “fashion influenced by art” is our special exhibit through the end of the month. We have both fun and fanciful pieces and serious statement pieces with a message. There are also paintings of fashion, surface design, beautiful scarves, jewelry, and hats that would make great holiday gifts. 

What we choose to wear every morning influences our moods, and the way others perceive us. Designers have created fashion through the centuries for just these reasons. It is always evolving. What will be the next new look?
Regional Artists Gallery
Our gallery is ever-changing with amazing works of art. Metal sculpture and stone carvings mix with oil, pastel, and acrylic paintings. Pottery fills in the gaps, along with intricately woven baskets. Come see what’s new.

Many regional artists have been honored with solo exhibits. We are so proud to know them and have them also show work at the Center on a regular basis. Paul Chase, who is also having a one-man show here in November and December has just taken down an exhibit at Roundtree Gallery in Platteville.  Alice McMahon is the featured artist at Longbranch Gallery in Mineral Point. Jack Tilton had shows at La Poste in Perry , Iowa and most recently at Smokestack in Dubuque. Christina Bolgren-Cruz has a new show going up October 12 at Monks Kaffee Pub in Dubuque. Many area potters will be showing their work during the Twenty Dirty Hands event on October 18, 19. and 20.
Summit Street Singers
October 7 and 21, 7-8 pm
Fevre River Voices
October 14 and 28, 7-8 pm
October rehearsals will be at the Center in the performance space. Please enter through the lower parking lot doors, bring a pencil and a folder (to hold your music), and be ready for a good time singing.

Adults and students of all abilities (including beginners) are invited to join this community chorus, led by Kent Parry. No audition required.
Table Reading
Caroline Herschel and
the Queen of the Night
Gary Arms
October 8 - 7 pm
Arias and comets. Songs by Mozart, Dvorak, and Brahms. In Bath, England, in the year 1788, Wilhelm Herschel makes the best telescopes in the world. He is also choirmaster at the Octagon Chapel. His sister Caroline works at his side. Wilhelm is about to become astronomer to the “mad king” George III, and is about to marry a rich widow. Caroline is about to have her world turn upside down.
Please join us for the world premiere reading of this dramatic comedy with music, by Dubuquer Gary Arms.

Admission $8
Songwriters Showcase
Don Greenwood and Friends
October 17 , 7-9 pm
Don Greenwood
Scott Steiber
Rick Harris
We are delighted to welcome back the wonderful Wisconsin singer/songwriters Don Greenwood, Scott Steiber and Rick Harris. Hosted by Lenny Wayne and L. A. Suess, there is sure to be lots of great music.
Songwriters Showcase is always the third Thursday of the month.
 No admission charge, but donations are appreciated!
Remembering Old Galena
A Musical History
October 19, 7:30 pm
Remembering Old Galena  offers a fascinating portrait of the town’s colorful history in this original musical production written by Ronn Toebaas and Carole Sullivan.
The cast includes Emily Painter, Deb Hyland, Jenni Ackerman and Carole Sullivan, with technical direction by Jan Lavacek.
General Admission $15
Table Reading
Ronn Toebaas and Margaret Scott
October 22, 7 pm
Amidst the bustle of a crowded London train station, Georgie spots Alex, a much older man, and plants a kiss on his neck. This electric encounter thrusts these two strangers into a fascinating and life-changing game.

Simon Stephens' sharply original “Heisenberg”   brings to blazing, theatrical life the uncertain and often comical sparring match that is the human connection.
The audience is invited to participate in a talkback about the play and the subject matter after the reading.
Admission $8
Art that Stands Out in its Field
The scarecrows are gathering in the field next to the Center. We’ve asked the neighbors if they have seen any shenanigans. No reported middle-of-the-night parties—but you never know. More friendly  stick people  and  aliens  are also populating several Main Street locations and residential areas around town. Keep your eye out for them.  

Figure Drawing
Thursdays 1:30—3:30 pm
The fall season is in full swing! Bring your own art supplies and hone your craft to practice proportion, line, and detail while drawing a live model. Pencil, pastel, charcoal, or paint—whatever you like. $10 a session. No long term commitment. 

Watercolor sketch by Jim Lehnhardt
Every Thursday through the end of the year.
Yoga with Marion " The Bubble Lady "
Tuesdays, 10-11:30 am
Special Exhibit
Opening November 1
The Art of Paul Chase  will be our Special Exhibit opening November 1, with a reception from 5-7pm. Come to meet Paul, chat about his art, have a glass of wine, and celebrate his marvelous variety of talents. The exhibit will be in our gallery through January 4, 2020.
The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge
November 14,15,16 at 7 pm
November 17 at 2 pm
The Galena Center for the Arts will begin the holiday season in Galena by presenting the radio comedy  The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge,  by Mark Brown.    It’s the Trial of the Century! A year after his miraculous transformation, Ebenezer Scrooge is back to his old ways and is suing Jacob Marley and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future for breaking and entering, kidnapping, slander, pain and suffering, attempted murder and the intentional infliction of emotional distress. Will he succeed?

Actors will be Galenians Matt Blaum, Jay Dickerson, Brian Schoenrock, Mark Haman, Susan Barg, Cindy Tegtmeyer and Dan Harms, as well as Dubuquers Cindy Caraway and David Resnick. The play will be directed by Carole Sullivan, with technical direction by Jan Lavacek. Reserved seat tickets will go on sale on October 14, online and at the Center.
Admission Adults $16, students $8
Songwriters Showcase
will feature
Melanie Devaney 
November 21, 7-9 pm

With a personal mission to “create beauty and change one song at a time,” Devaney strives to use to her music to inspire others to make the world a better place.
Songwriters Showcase is always the third Thursday of the month.
No charge for the concert, but donations are happily accepted .
Catch the Train in Galena
with trains running
November 29 - December 15
The Center will once again celebrate the holidays with “Catch the Train in Galena”, a model train exhibit coordinated by Phil and Terri Jackman.  The opening is November 29th, 1-7pm.  The trains will be running 1-4 pm every Thursday—Sunday through December 15.
Photos by Unposed Photography
Volunteer of the Month
Elizabeth Boggess
The Center for the Arts is blessed with many volunteers who give a few hours a month to helping out, sitting at the reception desk, making appetizers for an opening, or perhaps ushering at a radio show. But there a few volunteers who give far more of their time and energy, and who are essential to the Center's functioning and success. Among these, Elizabeth Boggess is a stand-out.

Since moving to Galena with husband ceramic artist Richard Hess, Elizabeth has contributed her time and energy to the community, especially to the Art Center. She had already volunteered in several capacities, including helping to scrape up old tiles from the theater floor, when she and Ginny Yarborough came up with the idea of providing meals as preludes to the Songwriters Showcase performances. It quickly became a tradition enjoyed by many
concert-goers. She is also one of the openers/closers responsible for getting everything ready for opening the gallery to visitors and then closing it down at the end of day. This includes a variety of tasks well beyond simply turning out the lights and locking the door. Recently, she served on the committee for the very successful Small Art—Big Impact event.

Elizabeth also has the responsibility of scheduling the gallery desk volunteers, a job that takes considerable time and organizational skills. And she will need those skills, because now she has taken on the huge job of marketing for the Center, which includes coordinating the press releases to the various media about the Center's numerous activities. She is hoping that more of the community, especially children, will become involved with the Center.

Amazingly, with all this, Elizabeth finds time for her own creative projects, especially making delightful little ceramic houses. She started working in clay—”playing at clay,” as she calls it—when she took a class and began helping Richard while she was living in Austin, Texas. She loved the process, and she and friends, calling themselves “Four Cross Women,” began working together and doing shows. She still enjoys “playing” with clay and working with Richard. It's a surprise, though, to learn that her first artistic endeavor was not a visual or tactile art, but dance.

Elizabeth's family always danced together, and began dancing for audiences when she was quite young. When she was in the third grade, they won a contest on the Arthur Murray Show. The prize was a year's supply of smelly soap and detergent! She remembers taking weekly lessons along with her siblings, and all of them performing as “The Dancing Boggesses.” Since then, everyone in the family, including Elizabeth, has taught dancing at some time.

The Center for the Arts is hugely important to the community. Without it there would be a real lack,” Elizabeth comments. She loves it that the old building housing the Center has been recycled, and she is looking forward to our eventually having a major performance space. The Center is an exciting, constantly developing place, she says. She is definitely one of the people we should thank for making it so.
Recent Activities at the Center
Scott Rische, Carolyn Wedekind, Mark Rische, Ron Wedekind
at Briar Patch Symphony
Eric Lugosch
Song Writers Showcase
Opening Reception for  Fashionable Art  exhibit
Dr. Bibfeldt Encounters God
Susan Barg, Suzy Kania, Mark Haman, Pat Terry,
Robert Armstrong, Jay Dickerson, Joan Harmet
Small Art—Big Impact Committee
Richard Hess, Elizabeth Boggess, Mary Weck,
Carole Sullivan, Pat Lehnhardt
All River Road Talent hosts a monthly art drive the first weekend of each month. All River Road Talent is a synergy of artists building a cultural and visitor awareness of artistic talent in the Galena region of Northwest Illinois. The next ARRT tour is October 4, 5 & 6.
  • Bryan and Jenni Ackerman
  • Barbara Alexander
  • Robert Armstrong
  • Susan Barg
  • Diane Beemster
  • Carol Bell
  • Big Bill’s
  • Elizabeth Boggess
  • Katherine Carlson
  • Gail Chavenelle
  • Maren Coates
  • Michelle Deiter
  • Jay Dickerson
  • Cathy Dorwick
  • Janet Eggleston
  • Cathie Elsbree
  • Alice Ericson
  • Bonnie Garrity
  • Bob and Millie Glick
  • Mark and Sheila Haman
  • Joan Harmet
  • Richard Hess
  • Dan Hulscher
  • Hulscher Fencing
  • Nancy Hyman
  • Terri Jackman
  • Suzy Kania
  • Barb Liles
  • Susan Lipnick
  • Carol Mantey
  • Helen Mayberry
  • Paul and Nancy McMenamin
  • Kate Mills
  • Kent Parry
  • Kathy Pearson
  • Laura Scoles
  • John Slimp
  • Nancy Stoneburner
  • Pat Terry
  • Irene and Finn Thraen-Borowski
  • Dennis and Leslie Waltman
  • Mary Weck
  • Ron and Carolyn Wedekind
  • Ginni Yarbrough
  • Janet Zehr
THANK YOU! to the artists who donated to Small Art—Big Impact
  • Sandra Aull
  • Joe Bardusk
  • Maureen Bardusk
  • Joe Bartch
  • Catherine Basten
  • Maryanne Bennett
  • Elizabeth Boggess
  • Missy Boho
  • David Bronson
  • Lorna Costello
  • Gerrie Ceru
  • Paul Chase
  • Gail Chavenelle
  • Janet Checker
  • Joan Culm
  • Michelle Deiter
  • RoseAnn Derks
  • Larissa Distler
  • Cathy Dorwick
  • Al Elsbree
  • Paul Eshelman
  • Charles Fach
  • Jessica Frank
  • Arthur Geisert
  • Tracy Gerhts
  • Donna Gibson
  • Lynn Giles
  • Roger Goodspeed
  • Sheila Haman
  • Jessica Hepker
  • Richard Hess
  • Terri Jackman
  • Anne Swan-Johnson
  • Gerry Kaiser
  • Nancy Kenney
  • Heather Kluesner
  • Judy Lange
  • Jan Lavacek
  • Patricia Lehnhardt
  • Julia Lieb
  • Katya Linenfelser
  • Kiera Linenfelser
  • Kristina Linenfelser
  • Carol Mantey
  • John Martinson
  • Helen Mayberry
  • Brian McCormick
  • Geoffrey Mikol
  • Hale Moser
  • Josie Moser
  • Courtney Moser
  • Nanette Mosher
  • Stephanie O’Shaughnessy
  • Mackenzie Stephensen
  • Janet Post
  • Charlene Buran Price
  • Sandra Principe
  • Rolf Radke
  • Todd Rellihan
  • Abby Schaber
  • Laura Scoles
  • Carrie Stier
  • Karen Stockwell
  • Joseph Stuart
  • Sergey Walburg
  • Connie Warnsing
  • Bob Williams
  • Angie Wonser
We also extend special thanks to Jenny Stoddard and Sam Stoddard at Woodbine Bend Golf Course and Restaurant, as well as Bridgette Stocks at SCOUT (The Magazine), for sponsoring our 2018 Play-It-Forward fundraiser. We have been able to purchase two new computer workstations with part of these donations. We also thank Andy Willis at Willis Computer Solutions Inc. for installation of this equipment.
  • Music stands
We are delighted and so very grateful to have been awarded a Program Grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency. Program Grant funds provide general operating support to established not-for-profit organizations that make a significant local, regional, or statewide impact on the quality of life in Illinois. We will be proud to print “This program is partially sponsored by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency” on our posters, programs, and press releases.

Thank you, Illinois Arts Council Agency!
This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.
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 Gallery Volunteers

Volunteering is good for the soul, and it really helps us to keep the gallery open four days a week.

Starting October 31 gallery hours are 1-4 pm for the fall and winter seasons.

Our desk volunteers greet visitors, provide an introduction to the Center, accept payments for art and gift shop items (involves writing receipts, calculating tax, and processing online credit card transactions), and answer phone calls.

 Please check out the available dates, choose a shift that works for you, and fill out the information at the bottom of the page.
After you fill in the form be sure to click the “Sign up to volunteer” button at the bottom before you leave.

Thanks for all your valuable time and talents to share artwork with our visitors.

If you need help signing up, just call 779-214-0261 and we can assist you.
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