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Volume 13, Number 1                                                                                       Winter 2013
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December 18th, 2012


     I am honored to have the opportunity of providing the opening message for the 2nd publication of the Galesburg Downtown Council "GDC" Newsletter. President John Schlaf provided an excellent summary of who we are and what we stand for in the previous edition. With that said, I would like to amplify our mission and why the GDC is so important. 

     As Tom Wilson described in our previous Digest, "The initial goal of the GDC, in 1972, was to implement a massive renovation of the Downtown Central Business Area to improve its viability". In 1972, as now, each downtown property owner agreed to be assessed $2.50 per $100 equalized assessed valuation to provide extra financial support for a private/independent maintenance program to enhance the landscaping, cleanliness of the parking lots/sidewalks and to offer financial assistance for building fa�ade improvements. The plan is very straightforward; the GDC is an organization dedicated to preserving the economic capacity and aesthetic quality of Downtown Galesburg by pooling extra money and resources to help our downtown neighborhood. It is a simple principle; if you can improve your environment you will improve your world. 

     In any town that is over 100 years old, the downtown is the heart of a community and needs to be preserved, while looking to the future and updating the infrastructure. The GDC works toward these goals everyday and has a dedicated group of members that recognized the unique environment we operate in and our continued vitality is critical for the Galesburg Region. To paraphrase from a great speech, "It is for us, to be dedicated to the unfinished work which they who started here, have thus far, so nobly advanced."          

     Please know that the GDC is dedicated to our mission of promoting development in the Galesburg Central Business District through programs of tenant retention and acquisition, marketing, landscape improvement and maintenance, general coordination of downtown events, and other activities to advance its goal of 100% occupancy of the downtown district.


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     For those who are not familiar with Downtown Galesburg, come see all of the restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, specialty stores, college campus facilities and retail outlets, all within a walking distance. Look forward to seeing you downtown.


Best personal regards,


Bob Bondi

Vice President of the GDC

Galesburg Downtown Council
Annual Dinner
13-gdc annual dinner
The Galesburg Downtown Council held their annual meeting on March 20, 2013, at 156 East, 156B East Main Street. To view more pictures on Facebook click the above image.
Galesburg Downtown Council
Made a Donation
gdc donation
The Galesburg Downtown Council made a donation to the Galesburg Public Art Commission for their project to create a 15-foot statue 
Carl Sandburg to be placed in Central Park.
Featured Property for Lease
Weaver Main Street Center
weaver main st center


Weaver Main Street Center

238 E Main St, Galesburg, IL 61401


Gerald Weaver, Owner


Phone: 303-699-6033 ---


Centered in the Galesburg downtown, The Weaver Main Street Center offers 23,000 square feet of available space for retail, restaurant, or office use. The attractive fa�ade provides an eye-catching and welcoming entrance on Main Street. Weaver Main Street was, in fact, the first business to take advantage of the Fa�ade Redevelopment Grant Program through the Galesburg Downtown Council (GDC) and the City of Galesburg. The owner, Mr. Weaver, acquired the building just as the GDC was laying out the program, and worked with the City of Galesburg and the GDC to create a proposal and define the Fa�ade Grant Program. The project came together in 2009 when Jimmy Johns approached Mr. Weaver with an offer to lease part of the building for a new restaurant. With a new tenant in place, the project was completed, and the Weaver Main Street Center was recreated. The efforts in beautifying the community through the fa�ade improvement earned the Center the 2010 Community Improvement Blue Ribbon Award from the City of Galesburg, and the 2010 Small Business Financing Project of the Year award. A photo tour and floor plan are available on the website. Please contact Gerald Weaver if you are interested in leasing space at the Weaver Main Street Center. 



Featured Facade Property

Music Makers 

 346 East Main Street 

Downtown Galesburg

(309) 342-0176

Dave Plunk started his business, known as Music

old music maker

 Makers in October of 2001. He bought the building  formerly known as B J's Music from Bill Reeves. At one time, the 2nd and 3rd story levels of the building had been covered with large metal tiles that were removed before Dave bought the building.  At the street level - the entry was recessed with display windows on either side of the entryway, which could be accessed through the interior of the building.  There was one set of entryway doors.  The doors and windows were antiquated and inefficient.  The fa�ade of the building had not been tuck pointed for decades.  The upper level windows were wood and in bad need of glazing and paint.  The roof line had brickwork that was in disrepair and a hazard to the sidewalks below.



old-new music maker

Dave and his wife Laurie began the process of


in the 

Summer of 2009 

with the partnership of the Galesburg Downtown Council (GDC) and the City of Galesburg - through their individual Fa�ade Programs. Initial work included the identification of the fa�ade and entryway elements that needed repair. After several meetings with the GDC and City of Galesburg Fa�ade committees and Bob Johnson of Metzger Johnson, a renovation project was agreed upon, to include demolition of the entryway and lower level windows and doors that included build out to a new entry level fa�ade right up to the sidewalk.  new music maker A new double door entryway vestibule was added.  New exterior lighting, signage, and ceramic tile were added.  The fa�ade of the building was tuck pointed and power washed and the brickwork along the roof line on the front of the building was secured.  Additionally, new windows were installed on the 2nd and 3rd story front facades. Interior updates included new walls, lighting and carpeting to complete the area where the old alcove had been on the exterior lower level. This added about 600 square foot of floor space to the interior of the building.  

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downtown council
Galesburg Downtown Council
185 S. Kellogg Street
Galesburg, Illinois 61401
(309) 343-1194

The Galesburg Downtown Council (GDC), established in 1973, is a private non-profit corporation formed for the purpose of promoting continuing development of the Galesburg central business district through programs of tenant retention and acquisition, marketing, landscape improvement and maintenance, general coordination of downtown activities, and other activities to advance its purpose.  The corporation shall be empowered to work with governmental and municipal agencies as well as private efforts in order to achieve its corporate purpose. Property owners within the Special Service Area (SSA)  have agreed to pay an additional 2.5% on their annual property taxes and these proceeds are exclusively reinvested for the benefit of the SSA and are managed by the 16 member DTC board.  

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