Linda Stevenson Dunlop
Midnight Horizons

 LINDA STEVENSON DUNLOP - a painter, sculptor and printmaker, presents abstracts in the series "HORIZONS".  The interplay of Linda's adventurous abstract elements was influenced by Helen Frankenthaler, Clyfford Still, Mark Rothco.  In the early 1970's at California State University, Sacramento, a pivotal moment occurred for Linda when meeting Joan Mitchell.  Seeing Mitchell's work caused a breaking-away for Linda from the boundaries of the representational.  Looking around the other side of flat surfaces, getting to the drama of form, Linda makes a shift in the subconscious.  Stevenson Dunlop's world speaks of embracing change, the spirit of change, which her work is all about.  Stevenson Dunlop's (born in Iowa in the early 50's) life journey took her to Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York, where she immersed herself in the arts, and even journeyed to Antarctica and South America! 

Linda says, "HORIZONS" are in our midst in many ways, denoting emotional conflict, drama and struggle where calm waits on the horizon.  Linda's deep dark oceans bring "HORIZONS" to the surface, she says, " in our daily lives".  Metaphors of water, hint at the figurative and suggestions of form invite viewers to experience her work, addressing the subliminal movements to the attachment of a visual language.  What are we talking about here?  The basics of abstract expressionism - a freedom to move beyond representational - marked by abstract forms, the breadth of expressive brushwork and monumental scale all of which are used to convey universal themes about creation, life, struggle and death - "the human condition"...the emotional state of being.  Here one has the opportunity to transcend the emotional through the echo of sensuous overtones through texture, color and the density of structure.  

                   "Attach yourself to nothing and the world flows in grace  
                       like the stroke of a brush."  -Linda Stevenson Dunlop

Exhibition  May 3 - May 27, 2012  



Saturday  May 5th   5-8pm

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