April / 30 / 2015

After 6 years, the artdc Gallery @ Lustine is closing its doors!


We are sad to leave Hyattsville, but our mission will continue. We've enjoyed the opportunity to bring area arts to the public. Through our community-centric approach, we've hosted all-inclusive, juried, invitational, and curated exhibitions, along with a few concerts, conversations, and more.


We developed a guest curatorial program. We gave interns and budding curators an opportunity to plan shows.


We've shown the work of hundreds of artists in well over 60 shows, including mass open call events. We've promoted the DC area art scene, and started the #WeTweetArt movement. We even connected a few artists with collectors.


Thank you all! We couldn't have done it without you, your energy, compassion, and the kind support of the Hyattsville Arts District. We send our special thanks to the EYA, Pulte, and the Arts District homeowners. Cheers to your support of our creativity.


Why are we closing our doors? At the beginning, we started our gallery mission in a new community with limited arts attention. The goal was to vitalize the neighborhood through arts activity. The neighborhood grew, and the economy recovered. We developed excellent attention to our arts activities, and now we can no longer afford to exist in the Lustine Center. 


What will happen to the gallery at Lustine? We have no idea! We plan to close in June 2015.  Stay tuned for the dates in our next release.


We will move our energy online to revitalize our existence while we search for a new physical home where the artdc Gallery will continue.


We are looking for bloggers and Web developers! Sadly, there's no budget. This is a do-it-because-the-idea-is-awesome situation. 


We have one more show planned. Many artists have supported our mission, but one has been over the top through the years. We are offering our thanks with a solo show to this artist. Make sure you whitelist this email address so you get the details soon. Our reception will be on May 9th.


We'll send out a press release with that show info soon! Support us in our last Hyattsville show and plan on joining us for our reception.


In the meantime, please update your artdc Constant Contact profile with your applicable social media info for Twitter and Instagram, and your updated contact details. Find the update link at the bottom of this message!


If you would like to be a blogger and/or a social media ambassador for us, email us!


Thank you again for your love for art, creativity, and the things we do!







PS. We would like to send a special thanks to folks who helped make our gallery experience possible, or inspired us through the process. There are so many to thank; this doesn't scratch the surface. Forgive us if your name isn't on this list! 


In no particular order, you are all equally awesome! 


Thank you:

Grayson Heck

Sy Gresser

Amy Cohen

Roger Cutler 

Cheryl Edwards
George Pelham 

Barry Schmetter 

Antoinette Wysocki

Stephen Mead 

Peter Gordon 

Lavinia Wohlfarth

Alexandra Zealand

Steven Dobbin

David D'Orio

John Mason
Lenny Campello
Michael Winger 

Denise Brown

Jennifer McIvor
Jenny Trussell
Tracy Mucci 

Teresa Sites

D. B. Stovall

Elizabeth Williams 

Lisa K. Rosenstein

Rhett Rebold
Loretta Thompson
Tom Cardarella 

Phil Hutinet 

Roberto Gato Echanique
Tom Petzwinkler
Elsabe Dixon
Samuel Scharf

Rodger Schultz

Deborah Winram
Justin Strom

Violetta Markelou 
Erica Riggio

Elyse Harrison 
Eric Hope

Claudia Olivos
Sergio Olivos
Ric Garcia

Matt Sesow

Dana Ellyn
Kelly Phebus 

Roy Utley

Melissa Glasser
Michael Diggs
Renee Woodward
Ryan McKibbin
Robert Long
Angela Kleis
Michael Auger
Christine Walters 
Jennifer Lillis 

Jeff Clark

Laura Rogers
Steve Jones 
Felicia Glidden 
Jennifer Droblyen
Robin Sutliff
Lina Alattar 

Sid Gold
Diane Tuckman

Alex Belinfante

Our awesome past interns:

Owen Duffy, Sahar Somekhian, Emily Scheeler, & Jennifer Block.


And of course anyone who ever posted on our forum, Tweeted, Facebooked, visited a show, supported our patron program, or bought a work of art! Seriously, can this list get any longer? Yes!


To everyone who ever showed up without hanging wires on their work, wet paint, cheap frames, showed up late, or didn't make their own reception, better luck next time! May we all learn and grow!