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Spend the day with us to explore, enjoy and indulge in an adventure of The Art of Mind and Body Wellness. Participate in the many free workshops by our experienced practitioners and teachers keen to share their expertise. Get to experience free trial sessions* of different modalities and find out how they could work for you.... And after all have fun and enjoy.


 Open House @ Gallery Helios

Sunday, 11 March 2012

10.00 am to 7.00 pm

Experience how

  • you can be calm and centered with Kundalini Yoga
  • you gain more self-awareness with the Enneagram
  • your body can start an amazing self-healing process with the Raindrop Technique
  • your health lies in your finger tips using Finger Yoga
  • you can benefit from Bio-Quantum Feedback
  • your vitality and wellbeing can easily increase with Nutripuncture

and many other interesting topics.


There will also be discounts, a lucky draw, door gifts* and other giveaways to make this day a rewarding and insightful experience for everyone. 


We look forward to welcoming you for a day of fun. Please feel free to invite your friends and family along. Please RSVP via return mail by Tuesday, 6 March 2012 so that we can confirm numbers for catering.


*Subject to schedule availability and stocks  


Tana River Bake Sale 

During this event, we continue to support Tana River Life Foundation in their Bake Sale to raise funds for their new Education Centre Project. You may pick up your order from Gallery Helios during our Open House.  Please see details below.





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Antoinette Biehlmeier
Claudia Hofmaier
Kah Keh Ho
Mohd Rashidinz
Mukhtiar Singh
Siewfan Wong

Simon Wong



Schedule of Activities 
Free Talks, Mini Workshops, Consultations, Trial SessionsSchedule
Open House Schedule
This is the tentative schedule, please check our website for the latest information.


What's Happening 
Free talks and Free Mini Workshopsdetails





Please Click Here to check our website for the latest schedule


LIFE, Induction & Color Therapy

  • Mukhtiar shares how to end stress and illness.
  • Colorpuncture balances and enhances the body's chakras by using various coloured lights on acupuncture points.This pain-free, non-invasive technique combines the principles of acupuncture with the healing power of colour.
  • Holographic Crystals release deep ingrained energy blocks and thus support the self-healing abilities of the body and induce deep relaxation. 
  • The LIFE System is a biofeedback device able to identify the specific stress areas in your body that could be affecting your health.  It is intended for relaxation, enhancing well-being and reducing stress.


Self-Help EFT

  • EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a healing method that addresses physical and emotional pain
  • The basic premise of EFT is "The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system." Disruptions in the body's energy system are also believed to cause physical symptoms of discomfort, pain and disfunction in the physical body. In this workshop Siewfan shows how EFT directly addresses your issues by dealing with the body's energy system by way of accupoints.
  • This simple technique works directly on the body's subtle energy to deal with trauma, pain, grief, anger, depression, anxiety, phobias, addictive behavior and other physical and emotional issues.  


Kundalini Yoga

  • The "Yoga of Awareness" rocks, moves, and dances from your heart to your soul.  This is a dynamic practice that is designed to promote energy flow in all of the energy channels of the body, particularly those along the pathway of the spine. 
  • Repetitive rhythmic exercises and breathing techniques convert stagnant spinal energy to vibrant creative awareness. Mantra, music, and meditation are woven into the practice, enhancing focus and courage to maintain the movements. Emerge from this trial class feeling renewed and radiant within.



Nutripuncture - Accupuncture without Needles

  • Valerie will share with you an innovative holistic modality that uses nutritional supplements and is based on the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • The nutriments convey specific information to the body and activate self-regulation, addressing imbalances and deficiencies on mental, emotional and physical levels.  It is effective in pain & stress management, relationship issues, allergies and psychological challenges.


Indigo Quantum Bio Feedback

  • In this workshop, Claudia discusses how Quantum Biofeedback addresses and reduces physical, mental and emotional stresses and imbalances safely and naturally. 
  • Starting with a body scan the system detects weaknesses on various levels, and offers a drug-free solution to reduce stress, anxiety and nervousness, improve sleep and quicken relaxation, enhance mental clarity, memory and improve concentration, improve general health and well being.


Nutritional Support for Chronical Illnesses

  • Dr. Din shares how to support the body nutritionally going through cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems.
  • Treating and supporting the body with Malay herbs, vitamins, minerals and other supplements improves chronic conditions thus improving the quality of life and facilitating the graceful ageing of the body. 

essential oils

Introduction to Essential Oils

  • The essential oils of plants have been used for centuries for their amazing and sometimes mysterious healing properties. Essential oils help to protect the body, boost the immune system, balance emotions and support general well-being, without the negative side effects commonly associated with synthetic drugs.
  • Claudia will share with you the wonderful smells of some selected oils, inviting you to experience their powerful effects first hand.


Jin Shin Jyutsu - Finger Flows for Self-Help

  • Jin Shin Jyutsu is a healing art using finger tips on specific parts of the body to remove blocked energy and support the body in its own healing abilities.  It works on effects as well as causes and is Antoinette's favourite hands-on healing modality.
  • In this workshop, Antoinette will demonstrate how the application of one finger flow can support emotional balance.


The Enneagram - Know Thyself

  • Our personality dictates how we operate and relate to the world. By understanding ourselves we learn how to reduce the tyranny of the Basic Fears and the Basic Desires that traps us in our ego.
  •  This talk by Siewfan introduces the concept of the dynamic nature of our personality, and the influences of our basic instincts. 
  • It also outlines how we can transcend the personality by working through the issues that created them so that we can go back to the true essence of who we are.  
Singing Bowls

Himalayan Singing Bowl Magic 

  • Sound therapyis a powerful way to heal and the vibrations and rich overtones of a singing bowl are a beautiful and gentle way to release energetic blockages.
  • Discover the aural tapestry of the Himalayan Singing Bowls with Antoinette as she shows how body, mind and spirit can be harmonized through sound.   
  • What better magic can there be?


NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Decoded

  • An opportunity to find out what is Neuro Linguistic Programming... simply explained by KahKeh Ho. 
  • Recruit your sub-conscious mind with the latest New Code NLP developments.
  • Work through what areas in your life this methodology covers and how it can be applied to create heightened awareness, connect to your internal resources and facilitate change so that you can achieve a higher level of performance.


Spinal Care - How is Your Spine Doing?

  • Dr. Din will explain the various effects of a misaligned structure to the whole body system.
  • Bones are the basic structure of the human body. It serves as protection to the nervous system and any misalignment will effect the flow of the nerves to related areas. Spinal care is also important as a form of anti-ageing treatment as it can prevent premature ageing.


Journey of the Hero

The Archetypes and the Journey of the Hero

  • The Journey of the Hero is the world's oldest story residing in our collective unconscious as we find ourselves engaged in maturation and spiritual evolution
  • The hero sets out on a path, meets adversaries and helpers along the way, faces and overcomes the opponents and is marked in the process. He gains what he seeks, sets out on the path home, shakes off pursuers and competitors and at the end, there is a celebration and an ascension.  
  • Where are you on your journey? Siewfan explains the archetypes, their tasks, goals, risks, emotions, and shows how all this can be used as signposts on the way to individuation and freedom. This storytelling is illustrated with the major arcana of the tarot deck. 


Bringing the Mind Back

  • Siewfan explains the finer points of sitting in this introduction to Vipassana, or Insight Meditation.  
  • Get to the direct reality of who you are by quieting and sharpening the mind. This is also what she knows to be the fastest way to self-therapy & self-development.


Appreciate your Senses

  • A workshop by Kah Keh Ho to immerse and heighten one's sense of awareness through senses of sight, sound, taste, feel and smells. 
  • It bring various methodologies together to experience the activation of the mind, body and ultimately our inner self. A chance to fully experience kicking off your designer shoes and learn to be aware of you and your surroundings and learn to smell the roses again. 



 Please Click Here to check our website for the latest schedule 



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Tana River Life Foundation Bake SaleBakeSale

Order cookies and cakes to support the building fund.




Thank you for supporting Tana River Life Foundation.


The 2012 Bake Sale aims to raise funds for the Education Centre Project by the Tana River Life Foundation. It aims to provide affordable quality education to the communities in the Tana River Delta. The buildings which are oriented to benefit from natural ventilation and lightning have been designed to be environmentally sustainable incorporating solar power and rainwater harvesting. We are looking to raise S$4500, which will be matched dollar for dollar by Jonaron Trust. The total project cost is S$2,000,000 over 3 years.


It'll be great if you could order a box or 2 and support our efforts to help educate the young in Kenya.  


The following are available :

* Giant Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies - $35 per dozen 

* Traditional Eurasian Sugee Cake- $40 per loaf
* Zesty Lemon Loaf - $30 per loaf

* Nutty Banana Bread - $30 per loaf


They will be available for collection from :

  1. 10am - 7pm on 11th March during the Gallery Helios Open House
  2. 17th and 18th March during the Tana River Life Foundation Jumble Sale at Nativity Church, Off Upper Serangoon Road. Click here for location map

Schedule at Nativity Church:

4pm - 8pm on 17th March

9am - 8pm 18th March


Please email your orders to by March 4th and you will be provided with payment instructions. Please also indicate whether you would like to collect them on 11th, 17th or 18th of March.



Tana River Logo

The Tana River Life Foundation (TRLF) (reg. no. OP.218/051/2007/0440/4836) is a charitable organization based in Idsowe Village in the Tana Delta in Kenya. 
TRLF was founded by Gabriel Teo Kian Chong as a private trust on 13th December 2005 to assist members of the local communities; especially the most marginalized and economically disadvantaged; nurture their inherent talents and potentials so that they have the freedom and ability to make meaningful choices in their lives.  



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