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ISSUE NO. 80 / AUGUST 2014
Park City's Freshest Art Gallery

Dear ,

Thank you for reading our newsletter. I love the feedback I receive from our collectors and friends, on a weekly basis, with ideas and images to add to this email. It's hard to believe that this is our 80th issue! I am continually inspired by the great work that our artists create and share with us. With one such painter, Michael Kessler, I have been working with for over 8 years. Below is his latest series, called "Seabeds." He told us recently, "I just want to paint the sky..." We hear you, Michael.
Michael Kessler -- new "Seabed" series, 48" x 32", 2014

This month, Jennifer and I had the distinct pleasure of working with a private collector in Wasatch county. Artwork by our artists graces (nearly) the entire home, and what a stunning home at that -- clean, open, inviting, and reflective of the outdoors. This is why we are in the business that we are; seeing the finished results of fine art on the walls of a magnificent home is the cherry on the top of our side of the artistic process. When a collector connects with a painting or sculpture, the artist's process in complete.

Coming this Friday night, we will honor Matt Flint (painting, below) and his new exhibition of artwork, entitled "In the Pathless Woods." Inspired by the poetry of Lord Byron, the majority of this new body of work will feature regional landscape, a departure for an artist for whom his wildlife work is broadly collected. We are excited to see the entire new group of work, and hope that if you are in Park City at the end of this week you will join us at the party.

Best wishes,
Maren Mullin
Matt Flint, "A Remembrance," 8" x 10", Mixed Media, 2014
On the Art Blog
July, 2014 Happenings

July 11th, 2014

A recent article in Art in America touched home for me. It's entitled "Feeling" and is written by Jeff Koons, arguably one of the most successful artists of our timeKoons' work will always remind me of college, of museum tours with an Intro to Art History class trying to make our way, and make sense, in the contemporary art world of Los Angeles.


July 4, 2014
Thank you to our collectors and friends who joined us at Gallery MAR this weekend, for our July 4th private party and celebration! We appreciate Lange Group Real Estate for co-sponsoring the event. [Photo of the day's festivities, above.]
July 1, 2014

This month, Gallery MAR held two separate opportunity drawings for a chance to win fine artwork. June has turned out to be very lucky for all of us here at the gallery, connecting more than 50 works of art with grateful owners. Thank you to everyone who visited the gallery to participate in our drawings!  

Art In-Situ

This month, we had the distinct pleasure of working with collectors at the Sundance Resort, to add a group of artwork that matches their stunning home. A few of the results are below. Over several days, we delivered a selection of paintings and sculpture by our gallery artists, all to add to the beauty of this magical space.
Bridgette Meinhold, Encaustic
 Michael Kessler, Acrylic
Upcoming Receptions
Matt Flint, "By the River," 42" x 30", Mixed Media, 2014
This Friday, July 25: Matt Flint:
"In the Pathless Woods"
A mid-summer show featuring new paintings by this ever-evolving artist. This new selection of wildlife and landscape works will exhibit Flint's search to mimic the constant series of changes he see in nature. As is typical with Flint's artwork, one image comes into focus while another is faded away, retaining a piece of the previous while hinting at what might come next. 
Aaron Memmott, "Indispensable," 19" x 9", Oil, 2014
The Affordable Art Stroll
Friday, August 29
For the first time, the Park City Gallery Association is bringing a fun and accessible concept to our group of galleries: a stroll which features artwork under $1,000. At Gallery MAR, we will hang a group show of works all $1,000 and under in our front gallery space. Enjoy the last stroll of the summer and pick up something for yourself, or a gift for a special someone. We love working with emerging artists, and we promise to always have a variety of artwork, with a broad price point for all collectors.
Art New Digest



We are pleased to announce that Vermont-based artist Rebecca Kinkead will bring a new collection of paintings to the gallery this March.


As she has seen overwhelming success in the last few months, Ms. Kinkead is currently not accepting commissions, and so your chance to see her work will be the best opportunity to add a new painting to your collection.


Gallery owner Maren Mullin, and family, took a trip back East to visit Kinkead at her home and studio; you can view photos of the behind-the-scenes action on our Facebook page. She is about to expand into a newly-built barn, where she will have the entire loft space to let her creativity flourish. 


To boot, a new painting by Ms. Kinkead will soon arrive at the gallery, "Laundry," featured above. The piece is 40" x 60" and sure to find a good home.


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Wisconsin artist Pamela Murphy collects old photographs and chooses figures from them for her paintings. The people whose lives are recorded in those pictures are strangers, yet they are familiar to all of us and remind us of ourselves and our families.


Many layers of paint reveal the history of the canvas and create a space that serves to isolate the form of each figure. Each viewer brings with them their own specific history, so a single image can mean different things to different people. 


Ms. Murphy received her undergraduate degree from the Rhode Island School of Design and earned her MFA in India.


Her silhouettes are a strong visual contrast to the distressed and textured background; the detailed linear elements of the botanical transfers; the areas of bright color and gold leaf; all of which combined offer the viewer a visually rich and interesting surface with potential narrative content.





Celebrate the fusion of art and fashion as we launch the 45th annual Park City Kimball Arts Festival to support the Kimball Art Center's free exhibition and education programs.  The evening will be held next Thursday at Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley and includes a silent and live auction, seated dinner, Porsche display, and fashion show with the theme "Art en Vogue."


Tickets and tables are currently available for purchase online.  Please click here to be part of the fashion and art event of the summer.  If you prefer to obtain tickets over the phone, please call 435-649-8882. 

The following Friday night and Saturday/Sunday bring the annual Kimball Art Festival. Stop by at Gallery MAR as you browse the street, and enjoy our air conditioning [wink, wink!].

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Arriving this winter, we will see jewel-cast bronze works by Texas-based Bale Allen. His body of work is remarkably varied, but each segment is individually fascinating. Rarely do we see an artist who delves into so many media, with such great success.


Bale Creek Allen was born in 1968 in Hollywood, CA to Texas-born artists Terry and Jo Harvey Allen. During his childhood, he was surrounded and influenced by groundbreaking artists such as Edward Ruscha, Allen Ruppersberg, Bruce Nauman, Chris Burden, John Baldessari, and William Wegman. There is no doubt that growing up around so many great artists had a profound impact on Allen.


Bale's most recognizable works are those based on his unique concept of taking actual tumbleweeds, tire treads, and other detritus objects, found along open roads, and casting them into bronze sculptures. Like many of his favorite artists, Allen delves into numerous mediums and subject matter, never limiting himself to any one discipline. Because of his never-ending curiosities and strong work ethic, Allen has exhibited widely throughout the United States, Europe and other parts of the world ever since 1984.

We will look forward to sharing this Renaissance man's artwork with you. 


Fresh Art from Our Gallery Artists

Brian McGuffey, "Midnight on Christmas Eve," 60" x 48", Mixed Media, 2014

Mary Scrimgeour, "Summer Oranges," 12" x 12", Oil, 2014

Michael Parker, "La Belle Dame," 30" x 24", Oil, 2014

Laura Brzozowski, "Lumber Jane," Ceramic, 2014

Jylian Gustlin, "Quantum 2," 48" x 48", Mixed Media

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