Griffin Tavares

Gallery Talk

April 22, 3 PM

Join us for a gallery talk and book signing with Matt Tavares discussing the exhibit There Goes Ted Williams.

Admission is open to all and FREE
RSVP to the Griffin, 781-729-1158.

This program is sponsored in part by Salter Health Care, New Horizons, an anonymous donor, and the Winchester Mount Vernon House.


There Goes Ted Williams

Arthur Griffin and Matt Tavares

Atelier and Griffin Galleries

April 5 - May 27


There Goes Ted Williams features photographs by museum founder Arthur Griffin and illustrations by Matt Tavares. Griffin had a more than 60-year career as a photojournalist and took some the most famous images of Ted Williams. His photos represent the first color shots ever taken of Williams and comprise one of the largest collections of images of Williams early in his career. Tavares is the author and illustrator of a picture-book biography of the baseball great, There Goes Ted Williams. It tells the story of Williams from his days as a young kid playing ball in North Park to his unmatched .406 season in 1941 to his stints as a fighter pilot in World War II and Korea. Publisher's Weekly says, "With smooth, sweeping lines and naturalistic details, Tavares's mixed-media artwork conveys Williams's joyful devotion to his sport."


top photo by: Arthur Griffin

bottom illustration by: Matt Tavares 

Reichwitz Street Art

Photographs by Astrid Reichwitz

The Griffin Museum at Aberjona River Gallery

187 Swanton St., Winchester, MA

Through May 13

Opening Reception April 24, 6-7:30 PM



Photographer Astrid Reichwitz is interested in capturing "street art" in urban environments and the reactions to the art by people passing by.  "Street art is an art form brought directly to the viewer, in many cases without any prior selection by curators, art critics or the media," Reischwitz says. "In composing each photograph I position myself near existing street art, often in lonely, urban areas, and then wait for people to walk by. Through their reactions or lack of reaction to the artworks they become both viewers of and participants in an art making process. The people in these pieces become a part of an art event themselves." She says that by choosing the specific street art in its unique, if out of the way, location, "I maintain a degree of control over the process while having no control over the people or actions that will become an inherent part of the photograph." She uses a slow shutter speed "to underscore the fragile and transient character of the artwork, as well as people passing by." And, she says, "Ripped paper or the application of paint over the original art work documents traces of former interactions with the art by unknown participants and shows another layer of art mediated by urban life." 


i See

Gallery Talk

April 26, 7 PM

Join us for a gallery talk with VII CEO Stephen Mayes, along with several of the exhibition photographers including Gary Knight, Ron Haviv, Ed Kashi, and John Stanmeyer as they discuss the evolving relationship between art and technology.   


i See

The eyes of VII in the hands of Hipstamatic 

The Griffin Museum of Photography
by Digital Silver Imaging
4 Clarendon St.

Through May 5


VII Photo Agency represents the world's eminent photojournalists responsible for documenting global events with a focus on human rights. This exhibit features 100 images by 19 of these dynamic, innovative, and greatly respected image makers. As members of an international group, their color and black-and-white fiber prints were taken in Ethiopia, Istanbul, Poland, Burma, Afghanistan, and Ukraine, with intimate views of Oslo, New Delhi, and Dar es Saleem. Known for conflict photography, several of these photographers have been embedded with the military and/or chronicled the chaos of the streets as the populace is in the throes of unrest or famine. Images included in this show are sometimes anecdotes to this extremely intense work. Captured with smart phones are intimate familial moments, playful human gestures, and birds-eye views of urban and earthly landscape. Several photos are bold, graphic, bursts of color and energy, while others are ephemeral, meditative, and painterly.  


Utilizing a reflexive instrument -- which captures and transmits an image in seconds in the hands of these highly trained and skilled masters -- yields amazing results. There is an irony in the freedom found by the restriction of choice - one touch snaps the shot on an iphone. The Hipstamatic application allows the layering of filters to add subtle effects to tone and focus. VII photographers continue to experiment and explore storytelling with whatever means technology affords.



In Memory of Holly Smith Pedlosky


The Griffin Museum of Photography is saddened by the loss of photographer and teacher, Holly Smith Pedlosky. Holly lost her yearlong battle to cancer on April 5. The photography community has lost a wonderful mentor and friend. Holly was a gifted teacher who touched the lives of many creative individuals. Her accomplishments were many, including founding the Photography Atelier at Radcliffe Seminars in 1997 and bringing the program to Lesley University in 2002. The Photography Atelier is now hosted by the Griffin Museum of Photography. Holly was also the founding director of, leading workshops in both Venice and Lake Como, Italy, through the International Center of Photography in New York. In 2005, she co-founded a summer photography program for Northeastern University in Venice. Her memory will live on through the photography of all the people she mentored. Visit to see Holly's photography. 


photo by: Holly Smith Pedlosky 



Note: Time change due to theatre conflict!

MOTHER DAUGHTER: Posing as Ourselves
Photographs by Elaine O'Neil  

The Griffin Museum's Atelier Gallery  
at the Stoneham Theatre 
395 Main St., Stoneham, MA
March 19-May 20 
Closing Reception May 3, 7:30-9 PM



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