Gallery Walks: Improving Student Engagement in Performance Tasks

By Tim Bakner, Instructional Coach,
Virginia Beach City Public Schools

At John B. Dey Elementary School in Virginia Beach, we have been working on improving student engagement in performance tasks for Science and Social Studies. To expand students’ choices and help them to be more engaged, creative, and reflective, we used a simple strategy called a gallery walk.
One of 5th-grade teachers, Edgar Jumper, led the way by scheduling gallery walks with his grade level at the end of each unit. Students rotated through other classrooms on their grade level to see their peers’ performance tasks. As they observed others’ work, they were given a gallery walk critique form. This form asked students to record what they noticed about others’ work and ideas they could incorporate into their own future performance tasks. They also were asked to reflect on things they might do differently next time.
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