May the New Year bring you blessings in abundance of love, joy, health, peace, and prosperity.
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Dear Galloway Families,
Happy New Year! We are so excited to kick off this new school year and we are looking forward to having all the students back in the classrooms, ready to continue to learn and grow with the excellence that Galloway Students have always achieved!
As we end this holiday season, we reflect on how much we have had to be thankful for this past year… Among many things, here at the Galloway School we are thankful for the continued support from each and every one of you to help ensure our students, teachers, and staff stay as healthy as possible.
Thank you for remaining vigilant with health screenings, temperature checks, and doctor visits.
We realize that many of our students may have traveled and visited extended friends and family in the last couple of weeks. We sincerely hope that everyone enjoyed their vacations and time away from school.
If your holiday plans have left you concerned regarding possible exposure or infection, even just temporarily, please know virtual learning with your Galloway teachers remains an option. If you believe this option might be useful for your family, please let us know (either in advance or once you realize you have concerns) and we will happily support your child with on-line learning for the week or two following these holiday breaks. 
Please let us know if we can support you further! Thank you for your time and patience.

Dr. Marny Doepken
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