October 6th, 2018: Stranger Things Edition
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You arrive back in town after a long adventure, eager to rest, relax, and maybe pick up a few new toys. After stashing your gear at the inn and grabbing a bite to eat, you head out to the local market, renowned for its incredible selection.

Your sight is filled with a plethora of games the likes of which you've never seen. After recovering from the initial bout of being awestruck, you begin to browse the wares.

A number of new items catch your eyes...
New Kid on the Block: Kids On Bikes
Kids on Bikes is a Collaborative Storytelling RPG set in small towns with big adventure!

The door to the old house creaks open, the rust on the hinges groaning as you see the dust floating like spores in the air inside. By the faint light of your cheap flashlights, you see the stairs to the upper floor, its railings gnarled and broken like crooked teeth. Their curve makes the stairs seem almost like a hungry grin, and you wonder if their age will support your weight. Still, you must go in.
The only question is who will go first?

In Kids on Bikes, you'll take on the roles of everyday people grappling with strange, terrifying, and very, very powerful forces that they cannot defeat, control, or even fully understand. The only way to face them is to work together, use your strengths, and know when you just have to run as fast as you can.

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October Game Day October 20th
Save the date! We're having our October board game day on Saturday, October 20th.

Join us at 519 Osborne Street for our Tabletop Game Day! From 10 am to 10 pm (or later) we will have our full collection of games out for people to play, and we welcome you to bring down your favourite titles as well! Everyone is welcome, and there will be games of all types, from light, quick family games to in-depth strategy games that you can sit at for hours.
New In Stock
Magic: the Gathering - Guilds of Ravnica
Munchkin: Red Dragon Inn
Munchkin: Starfinder
Monsterpocalypse Starters
Citadel Paint Brushes
Rory's Story Cubes: Fantasia
Before There Were Stars...
Magical Treehouse
Giant Killer Robots: Heavy Hitters
Warhammer: Age of Sigmar: Nighthaunt Battletome
Nolzor's Marvelous Pigments: Monstes Paint Set
More Infinity Starters!
Runewars: Baron Zachareth
Runewars: Lord Vorun'thul
Greedy Kingdoms
Star Wars Legion: Scout Troopers
Star Wars Legion: Boba Fett
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