January 28th, 2019: Gonna Try Not To Let The Next One Wait Until Monday Edition
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You arrive back in town after a long adventure, eager to rest, relax, and maybe pick up a few new toys. After stashing your gear at the inn and grabbing a bite to eat, you head out to the local market, renowned for its incredible selection.

Your sight is filled with a plethora of games the likes of which you've never seen. After recovering from the initial bout of being awestruck, you begin to browse the wares.

A number of new items catch your eyes...
Tabletop Board Game Day & Painting Tutorial
Our next Tabletop Board Game Day is this Saturday, February 2nd! From 10 am to 10 pm we will have our full collection of games out for people to play, and we welcome you to bring down your favourite titles as well! Everyone is welcome, and there will be games of all types, from light, quick family games to in-depth strategy games that you can sit at for hours.

We'll also be running our monthly Miniature Painting Tutorial! This session will feature techniques used for painting armour! Bring our your fighters, your paladins, your rogues and warriors, and we’ll show you some tips and tricks on getting some sweet looking protective gear painted up! Doors open at the store at 10 am on Saturdays, and the tutorial starts around 10:30 am, running until roughly 4-5 pm.  

We hope to see you down on Saturday, February 2nd!
New In Stock
Ravnica: Allegiance Boosters, Bundles, Prerelease Kits, Intro Decks and Singles!
Champions of Hara
Kodama Duo
The Rise of Queensdale
Aeon's End: Legacy
Warhammer Nightvault: Godsworn Hunt & Accessories
Warhammer Nightvault: Mollog's Mob & Accessories
Lord of the Rings: The Three Hunters Minis Set
WH40K RPG: Wrath & Glory Core Rulebook
WH40K RPG: Wrath & Glory Blessings Unheralded
WH40K RPG: Wrath & Glory Dark Tides
Beta Colony
New Frontiers: A Race for the Galaxy Board Game
Concept Kids: Animals
Battletech Beginner Box
Adeptus Titanicus: Titandeath
Star Wars Legion Premium Large Bases
Star Wars Legion Premium Trooper Bases
Adeptus Titanicus: Reaver Battle Titan with Melta Cannon and Chain Fist
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