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 Volume III, Issue 6 | Feb 7, 2014  

  South Florida Healthcare Professionals on the Move:   


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Calendar of Current Events
HFMA Florida Chapter presents...

South Region Education Event

Wed., Feb. 12 | 10 am-6:30 pm

Broward Hospital North

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SFHEF presents...

Healthcare Networking

Thurs., Feb. 20 | 6-8 pm

Soyka | Miami

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ACO Expo presents...

Southeast Accountable Care Expo


Th., Feb. 27 | 9 am-4 pm


Sheraton Suites | Cypress Creek

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Healthcare Roundtable Announces 2014 Program
Destination Hope logo

Limited Resources, Unlimited Hope: Addressing the Dual Diagnosis of Mental Illness and Substance Abuse


Tues., March 4 | 7:30-9:30 am

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Mednax Income Grows 20% in Q4

Brian Bandell


Mednax saw its net income grow 19.5 percent in the fourth quarter as it continued its medical practice acquisition

Roger Medel, MD
Roger Medel, MD



The Sunrise-based pediatric and anesthesiology practice ownership company (NYSE: MD) had net income of $79 million, or 78 cents a share, on revenue of $567.4 million in the fourth quarter.


Mednax is led by CEO Roger Medel, MD


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Source: SFBJ



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 Radiation Shield Technologies chief shifts from medical doctor to inventor   


Ronald DeMeo is an anesthesiologist and spine specialist, an inventor and entrepreneur, a father and husband, an amateur boxer and cyclist.


And for his next trick: DeMeo has become a bra maker and salesman.


"People don't appreciate how tremendously complicated a well-made bra is," DeMeo said last week, holding a black underwire model embellished with a pink ribbon in the center. "It's a three-dimensional garment with something like 25 sew steps."


DeMeo's $69.99 bras do more than support - they protect. Lined with Demron, a patented fabric created by DeMeo (Demron is an anagram of his name), the bras block radiation emitted by everything from X-ray machines to nuclear blasts.


Several hundred units of Demron bras are stacked and ready for shipment at DeMeo's Radiation Shield Technologies factory in Miami Gardens.


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Source: Miami Herald


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